Céline Gounder, MD, ScM, FIDSA 🇺🇦

Céline Gounder, MD, ScM, FIDSA 🇺🇦



1/ Heart-related deaths🫀💀 spiked in 2020 *** BEFORE*** we had COVID vaccines. Why? COVID causes heart disease/death! with @CBSNews' @vladduthiersCBS & @megoliver

2/ In 2020, the US experienced the HIGHEST number of cardiovascular deaths 🫀💀 in almost 20 years. More people died from cardiovascular-related causes in 2020, the first year of the COVID pandemic than in any year since 2003.

3/ COVID can cause heart attacks🫀 & heart failure. People of ALL ages were affected, NOT just the elderly.

4/ The largest increases in cardiovascular deaths were seen among Black, Hispanic, & Asian people. Remember that COVID hit communities of color harder than others, especially early in the pandemic.

5/ How does COVID cause heart disease? COVID causes clots in blood vessels. When a clot blocks the blood vessels that feed the heart muscle🫀, you get a heart attack. When a clot blocks the blood vessels that feed the brain🧠, you have a stroke.

6/ COVID can also infect the heart muscle🫀, what we call myocarditis. When COVID infects the heart muscle, it weakens it & can lead to heart failure.

7/ And then there are people who had heart🫀 disease or heart symptoms, who were afraid to go to the hospital🏥 or see a doctor👩🏾‍⚕️🩺, & who's condition got worse.

8/ People who have heart🫀disease & risk factors for heart disease, like obesity & high blood pressure, tend to have more severe disease when they get COVID, & that creates a feedback loop: heart disease leading to more severe COVID leading to more damage to the heart.

9/ NYC🍎 was the epicenter of the COVID pandemic in March/April 2020. We had a huge COVID surge⬆️. Then in August, we saw a spike⬆️ in heart 🫀failure cases. That's because people who got COVID back in the spring & who suffered heart damage went on to develop heart failure.

10/ COVID vaccines ⬇️⬇️⬇️ the risk of severe COVID. Severe COVID includes heart🫀attacks, myocarditis & heart failure from COVID. Can COVID vaccines cause myocarditis? Yes, VERY VERY VERY rarely. But the risk of myocarditis from COVID is MUCH MUCH MUCH higher.

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