These days almost every movie, anime, whatever will try to establish a character as villainous by the way he treats women. This sets up morality as contingent on the female experience. I refuse to believe that bullying women is bad.

There is zero evidence in reality that women shouldn't be tormented. They are weak and cringe. They walk around hiding their faces with "makeup", wearing shoes to make them taller, they dress like idiots and no one calls them out on it. This is witchcraft, plain and simple.

Have you ever seen a man walking around in make up? It triggers the uncanny valley instinct. This response is muted with women because we've been conditioned / bred to accept it. Once you realize that women are skinwalkers, then you are free.

Women are like treacherous manlets x10, not a word they say can be trusted. They believe everything they see on TV and they are snitches. If this were a prison situation, they'd be the first to get shanked.

If God didn't want us to bully women, then why did he make them annoying? Every one of these movies shows the female being an annoying heifer and some dude comes to cow her into submission— suddenly he deserves to be eaten by zombies!

I don't buy it. Women are supposed to be equal, right? Then they should be bullied equally, just like everybody else. I will be 100% on board with equal rights once it means I can relentlessly persecute women. Just that alone would balance the scales.

Men have been so feminized that they would never enjoy watching James Bond striking a female spy— simply because they project onto female characters.

If any part of this makes you squeamish, you've been feminized. All of this behavior was perfectly acceptable 40 years ago. Every marginally healthy woman today *still* loves to be treated this way (if you are handsome).

Let's face it, many of this current generation are now desexed cyborgs, fleshy appendages of the Sentient Vaginal Microbiome. They "enjoy" what they're told to by the screen. They will masturbate to rape porn one moment and then be incensed on twitter about this thread the next.

"Woman is a temple built over a sewer." –Tertullian, The father of Latin Christianity, in De Cultu Feminarum (c160-225)

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