1/ #Russian Uralvagonzavod (tank production) urgently needs metal machinery workers. Local Prison Directorate is to select and send 250 workers there. The situation is dire in all military industry factories. Shortage of electronics, electricity & automation is gravely critical.

2/ 🇷🇺 assess the vacancies to 40k-50k. All retired personnel was requested to return to jobs. Still few want to take the job due to low salaries. Military industry pays machinery operators 40k rubles (€550) a month while non-military - even 80k. Russians anonymously say:

3/ “I can take it, but I need a salary like a private in [special military operation], three meals a day & free lodging.” “I left the job in military industry with 27k rubles. Average worker age was 58 and growing.” See the assembly of the Mi-28 and guess their age.

4/ And the training of young professionals is on decline for years. 5 years ago 220k trainees started their apprenticeships. 18 years ago it was 688k. If the tendency is linear the pool is shrinking the way that cannot be reversed in a day. YouTubers, TikTokers are better paid.

5/ cc @MattLech23 @TheStudyofWar @DefenceU @DefenceHQ @STRATPOINTS_EU @NATOJFCBS @MarkHertling @general_ben @CovertShores @thedrive

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