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You probably heard about Yandex, it’s the 4th biggest search engine by market share worldwide. Yesterday proprietary source code of Yandex was leaked. The most interesting part for SEO community is: the list of all 1922 ranking factors used in the search algorithm [🧵THREAD]

I downloaded the code, analyzed it and there is a lot of useful information for Google SEO as well.

Theoretically, what is the difference between algorithms used in Google and in Yandex? They are quite similar: - there is RankBrain analogue - MatrixNet; - they are using PageRank (almost the same as in Google); - a lot of text algorithms are the same.

- there are a lot of ex-googlers in Yandex; - Yanex was build as Google clone; - SEO specialists in Russia are using almost same white hat SEO tactics for Yandex and for Google

Of course there are a lot of differences, but the approach and the majority of ranking factors seem to be similar. In practice: comparing Google vs Yandex search results they are a ~70% match.

According to Statcounter Yandex is close to Yahoo and Bing by market share:

The file with ranking factors: Structure for each factor: - name - link to internal wiki (restricted) - AntiSeoUpperBound (haha) - description (it's in Russian, I translated it for you) - etc Funny, that the first factor in the list - PageRank.

Main insights after analysing this list: #1 Age of links is a ranking factor.

#2 Traffic and % of organic traffic are ranking factors. Basicly it means that buying PPC affects rankings.

#3 Numbers in URLs is bad for rankings

#4 A lot of slashes in URLs is bad for ranking

#5 Hard pessimization equal PR=0

#6 Host reliability is a ranking factor. Less 40x/50x errors you have - better for your organic traffic.

#7 Fun fact - there is a separate ranking factor for uplifting Wikipedia

#8 A lot of ranking factors connected with user behaivor - CTR, last-click, time on site, bounce rate. Note: I'm 100% sure that in Yandex thouse factors impacting much more than in Google.

#9 Document age and last update both are ranking factors.

#10 Average domain position across all queries is a ranking factor.

Right now I checked ~40% of the list, there are a lot more (about text relevancy, behaivor factors, page rank, internal links,etc). Will continue this thread after some time.

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