the resident assistant pulls kiyoomi aside one morning, reminding him that pets aren't allowed in the dorms. frowning, kiyoomi answers he doesn't have one. "everyone's been hearing barking," they explain. kiyoomi falters and then sighs. "...that's just atsumu, my boyfriend."

it's off season which means that atsumu becomes kiyoomi's live-in-boyfriend at his single occupancy university dorm, an arrangement that reassures kiyoomi they're fine to live together once he graduates. even if when atsumu laughs hard enough, he sounds like a dog.

“i dunno why yer so upset,” atsumu says when kiyoomi informs him of this news. he huffs. “you were worried about people hearin’ us having sex and they didn’t! isn’t that a good thing?!” kiyoomi presses his lips together because he doesn’t want to admit that atsumu has a point.

atsumu smirks victoriously. “so whaddya wanna do today?” he asks, rolling over in the bed until he’s close enough to playfully bump his head to kiyoomi’s arm. “beach? coffee? make out?” “class,” kiyoomi snaps with a light glare. “it’s wednesday and this is university, atsumu.”

atsumu smiles warmly and takes one of kiyoomi’s hands, kissing the back of his fingers. “all right, let’s go to class, then,” he chirps. “s’long as we’re together, omi-kun.” and even though kiyoomi's still a little annoyed that atsumu almost got him in trouble, his heart races.

kiyoomi loves off season: he loves having atsumu here. he usually tags along with kiyoomi but when he doesn't, he's normally lounging around on campus. kiyoomi will remove the book over his face and watch his sleepy expression turn excited to see him, smiling at 'omi, yer back!'

kiyoomi knows it’s part of the career and he’s made his peace with a professional volleyball player's constant traveling. what he hadn't expected was dating one as a student and kiyoomi learns just how unforgiving homesickness is. for kiyoomi, home is a person and it's atsumu.

"lecture's in an hour, right?" atsumu asks. he tugs kiyoomi back into bed, where his limbs come around him. "ya wanna grab lunch after? then we can go to the library cause ya got that paper and i can watch yer stuff." atsumu winks and kisses his nose. "and you, of course."

kiyoomi smiles faintly and nods, curling into atsumu and yearning for exactly where he is right now. "i'll make sure yer never outta coffee and help ya make note cards outta yer notes," atsumu continues and pauses to hum. "man, i'm the best boyfriend ever, aren't i, omi-kun?"

kiyoomi huffs but it's weak because he's warm and content, held in atsumu's arms and threading their legs together. atsumu's hand along his back blooms prickles into summer storms and kiyoomi smiles faintly, sighs and briefly considers skipping class. "...yeah, you are."

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