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Porn is the worst drug for men. -thread-

Why do I say this? Well, because it's true. There's a reason why it's free. They want you to consume as much as possible. But unlike hardcore drugs, with porn, there's no limit to what you can visually inject into your eyes.

Some people defend it to the death. Especially guys. I hear: "it's ok if you watch it sometimes. It's not gonna kill you." "what if I'm single and not having sex?" "I'm not addicted. I can stop any time I want." "After I finish, I don't have to think about it for a while."

What does this sound like to you? You guessed it. Sounds like a drug addict. But the main reason I say porn is the worst drug for men has nothing to do with addiction. It's far worse than that. Let me give you 4 reasons why?

1. It destroys masculinity. What does masculinity mean? Well, the answer is broad, so I'll give you the gist of it: Masculinity is the nature of men. The traits and behaviors that give them their sense of duty, and the strength of character to uphold their principles.

Traits such as: -Self-control -Self-respect -Self-reliance A man who can't control himself can't keep control of anything. A man who can't respect himself will get respect from no one. A man who can't rely on himself will never have anyone rely on him.

Indulging in porn is an act that goes against the very essence of being a man. There is no duty, no honor, and especially no integrity that comes from it. It utterly destroys and completely suppresses who he's supposed to be underneath the skin.

2. It gives a false sense of achievement. There's nothing being gained from it. No reward. Nothing has been achieved, but plenty has been wasted. Your body and mind have just released a huge amount of energy that could've been spent in extremely productive ways.

Before porn ever existed, men had to use that sexual energy in many creative efforts. -To master a skill. -To create something new. -To come up with better ideas. But mostly, men used to go out, put themselves out there, and actually go through the process of finding a mate.

Porn takes all of that away. Instant gratification kills all action afterward. Men who indulge have no real reason to do what they used to do. They just jerk off and go about their unproductive day until their next fix.

3. It can severely impact your sexual desires. Porn literally rewires your brain. It changes: Your view of sex. Your view of women. Your view of relationships. Your connection with them. All of it changes in an extremely negative way.

You'll not notice it because in time, you've shifted your mindset and it will seem normal. But in reality, it's far from it. Your likes will get more extreme. Regular sex becomes boring. Women will start looking like objects, and not people.

The damage you are doing is so extensive, you will even have trouble falling in love, or loving someone for the right reasons. Your manhood will take a toll, and your sexual desires will dwindle. I'd call that a massive problem.

4. Your mental health is greatly affected. Shame is an inevitable outcome of jerking off to porn. The act itself, for the most part, is one you do in total isolation. Most people get embarrassed if anyone finds out, or if you get caught.

It creates an escapist mentality where you will feel like you don't want to partake in anything that's out in the public. I genuinely believe women, on some unconscious level, can detect if you jerk off to porn. Your negative aura gives out a signal interpreted as desperation.

In time, your life will get dysfunctional. Depression will eventually set in and you'll hate yourself, and be disgusted by what you see in the mirror. You'll develop anxiety, poor self-esteem, loneliness, and low life satisfaction. It truly cripples you.

Think about this: You are watching other people have sex on a screen. You wish you were the guy. You desire the woman he's with. Instead of having that in real life, you decided to fuck your hand instead. Sounds harsh, I know, but it's the truth.

I know what some are thinking at this point. "but I'm ugly. I can't get any girls" It's bullshit. Have you not seen the ugly dudes with the hot girls? I have. Plenty, in fact. "But they have money. That's why they're with them" So why don't you focus on making money?

Men do their best work when they focus their energy, sexual or not, on something productive. It is the goddamn truth and I am tired of people believing otherwise. You should start believing it too. Life will take a 180° turn and everything becomes clearer, and 100% better.

Now get your shit together. Stop watching porn with 'Cheap Pleasure To Rich Purpose'. Learn to reprogram your mind and finally quit the worst drug for men. Do you want to be a spectator for life, or do you want to be the player? Grab it here: (aff)

And that's it, folks. I hope you enjoyed reading it and found value and the courage to take that first step. If you did, please make sure you retweet the original tweet below, and follow me @egoofsigma Be a lion amongst sheep. Cheers gents ?

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