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10 Gift Ideas For Your Lover And When To Give Them [THREAD]

1. Flowers These should never be given as an apology like so many men do, but as a little pick me up or acknowledgement about something good she did for you.

2. Perfume You shouldn’t bother playing guessing games with perfume, find one that you know she likes and is also very sensual. And when you give her it, cheekily tell her it’s because she stinks.

3. Astrology related gifts This is a great birthday or anniversary gift idea if your lover is into the idea of astrology and fate. You can get star maps and charts, or even astrology related jewellery.

4. Sporting equipment This is another great birthday gift when she is either into a certain activity or you are planning on bringing her along to an activity you enjoy. Encouraging her to be active is encouraging her to feel good about herself.

5. Books These can be lovely random gifts, given to her as a way of letting her know you are thinking of her. If you want to get her an educational book, just make sure it isn’t too dry, as she may never read it.

6. A massage from you Give her these whenever you like and to make it extra surprising for her, expect no happy ending in it for you and just end it like a handshake. She will come back to you to finish the job later.

7. A candle Another great birthday gift, but again, be sure to select fragrances and wax types that you know she likes already. Especially sensual smelling ones to get her into the mood.

8. The luxury of serving you Let her kneel for you and do her thing (I can’t spell it out for you here) and cheekily remind her that this is a gift for her and not for you.

9. White wine or Gin This is a nice accompaniment to a birthday or Christmas gift, especially if it’s a favourite of her’s. This may also help to loosen her up as you continue the celebrations into the evening.

10. Lingerie Despite what everyone says, lingerie is a gift for her and not for you. You can give her this whenever you like and she should wear it that same night as well.

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