Compounding Quality

Compounding Quality



Twitter is full of investment wisdom. If you know who to follow, you'll learn more than an MBA. Here are the 9 best threads of 2022:

1️⃣ 15 timeless investing principles visualized by @BrianFeroldi:

@BrianFeroldi 2️⃣ The importance of return on invested capital (ROIC) by @10kdiver:

@BrianFeroldi @10kdiver 3️⃣ EBITDA is a terrible measure of profitability by @SecretCFO:

@BrianFeroldi @10kdiver @SecretCFO 4️⃣ 15 Great investing quotes from @StockMarketNerd:

@BrianFeroldi @10kdiver @SecretCFO @StockMarketNerd 5️⃣ How to analyze companies by @MnkeDaniel:

@BrianFeroldi @10kdiver @SecretCFO @StockMarketNerd @MnkeDaniel 6️⃣ @Invesquotes about market timing:

@BrianFeroldi @10kdiver @SecretCFO @StockMarketNerd @MnkeDaniel @Invesquotes 7️⃣ 10 Youtube channels which will make you a better investor by @investmattallen:

@BrianFeroldi @10kdiver @SecretCFO @StockMarketNerd @MnkeDaniel @Invesquotes @investmattallen 8️⃣ What's going on in the pension fund industry by @MacroAlf:

@BrianFeroldi @10kdiver @SecretCFO @StockMarketNerd @MnkeDaniel @Invesquotes @investmattallen @MacroAlf 9️⃣ How to understand the stock market via a few visuals by @InvestmentBook1:

@BrianFeroldi @10kdiver @SecretCFO @StockMarketNerd @MnkeDaniel @Invesquotes @investmattallen @MacroAlf @InvestmentBook1 🔟 What you need to know about Joel Greenblatt by @SlingshotCap:

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