zero context but hokkes talking about how his dad is a pain in the ass even though he respects him and hes like do you have someone in mind thats like that suou-kun and the WAY TSUKASA LIGHTS UP T: Indeed, I do! K: Oh? Who is it? T: That would be Sena-senpai! K: Sena…?

T: Yes! That is correct! After all, Sena-senpai is someone who is mean to me the second he catches sight of my face. And whenever he teases Tsukasa*, he looks like he's having the time of his life! *he. actually just uses tsukasa (司) here instead of me (私) hello king?

T: The kind of person who professes “bullying juniors is his hobby”. Just how Sadistic can he get!? H: Now that you mention it… I remember Yuuki would also fet into a lot of trouble due to Sena-senpai. Maybe you picked the right person. T: Right!? I: —Achoo!

I: Ah~… There’s no way I caught a cold, right…? I can't go collapsing *now*, I’ve got so much work to do. L: Sena! Is it a cold!? Didya get a cold!? This is bad! Hold on, I'll go get you some green onions to wrap around your neck right now!

I: Haa? If you really bring that thing here, I'll shove it up your nose. You better watch it, okay…?


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