Be Self Mastered

Be Self Mastered



200 days of semen retention. Here's what you may receive in the latter stages of a long streak:

Firstly, you don't need to go 200 days without releasing. But any release should have some purpose. Just don't go back to busting over porn. That's a waste of your energy. After 90-100 days, it will become effortless. You won't see any point in going back to your old ways.

1) Relentlessly driven mindset You no longer spend time thinking about girls or sex. You may have spent a lot of time doing so before venturing on this journey. All this extra time, energy and mental capacity is there to be transmuted for purpose.

On a long streak, you will become so driven that you exert extraordinary effort to achieve your long term goals. Every. Single. Day. Anything or anyone that does not serve your purpose in this world becomes a waste of time. It only slows down your progress.

2) Delusional self-confidence After transmuting your sexual energy for physical gains, you'll likely shed some body fat. This will deliver a heightened level of confidence in itself. You'll now wear tight-fitting clothes outside that you wouldn't have dreamed of 6 months ago.

And feel like a king doing so. You'll strike up conversation with strangers like it's nothing. Especially women - they are just normal people. Before, you always had sex on your mind. Now, you just enjoy chatting to people.

You'll walk around the gym like you own the place. The fact is: You have achieved something that 99%+ of men won't achieve in their lifetime. Complete mastery & control of your sexual urges.

3) Refuse to accept a mediocre life You will begin to envision what your future will look like if you stay dedicated to your mission. Sipping a cocktail on a beach in Thailand, living in your own house and working from your laptop. Your dreams are your number one motivation.

You become determined to quit your 9-5 and live life on your own terms. As time passes, you get closer and closer to achieving what you desire. Handing your resignation in to your boss, choosing where your time goes and living wherever you want. You won't settle for any less.

4) New understanding of sex After retaining for a while, the value of your semen becomes realised. It literally has the power to create another life. And you are living out the benefits of transmuting its energy after years of wasting it.

You no longer view sex as something purely for pleasure. Hookups become a thing of the past. If you're going to release, it has to be purposeful, with someone you care about. Meaningless sex is poison for the soul. Meaningful sex unites two souls.

5) No care for other's opinions It's a fantastic thing to not care what other people think. When you have no care for the opinions of others, you'll naturally start doing the things that you want to do. The only person that can possibly hold you back is yourself.

Fear of rejection becomes non-existent. Because you know it will only help you grow as a person.

6) Extreme self-discipline Mastering your sexual urges is no easy feat. Once you do this, everything else becomes easy in comparison. Your diet, training and habits all become a central, automatic part of daily life. Deviating from them is almost cheating on yourself.

A man with unbreakable self-discipline is destined for greatness. He can do anything he puts his mind to. He doesn't allow distractions to slow him down.

7) Ceiling high magnetism People, luck, opportunities. These will come your way. You'll find yourself making prolonged eye contact with women. You are confident in yourself, you don't care what other people think. She can sense it and she's drawn to it.

Opportunities will magically present themselves to you. Things will naturally fall in your lap. Solutions to your problems emerge. It feels too good to be true.

8) Highly alert and observant state of mind You'll become extremely aware of your surroundings. Ridding your brain of years of built-up graphic images opens your capacity for these functions. People watching is fascinating. You notice many things about people's behaviour.

The downfalls and sad reality of modern society become obvious every time you leave the house. Analytical thought and evaluation of experiences are rampant.

9) Laser focus You once allowed distractions to run your life. You couldn't get any work done without procrastinating. On a long streak, this becomes a thing of the past. Sustained attention on one task is effortless and extremely rewarding.

Working on a project is no longer complex, but now satisfying. You can get more done in one 4hr session than you would get done in a week when releasing every day.

10) Absence of negative thought Alongside other progressive habits, implementing semen retention as a lifestyle makes every day a good day. It's extremely rare to feel negative emotions. It all boils down to looking after yourself.

Watching porn and pointlessly wasting your seed is damaging to your mental health. It shouldn't be surprising that you feel much happier when you leave it behind. The longer you go without it, the more you undo the programming of years of porn abuse.

11) Burning desire for knowledge Everything without purpose becomes meaningless. Lust for sex is transmuted into lust for wisdom. A surreal sense of fulfilment comes from learning. The realisation hits that reading books is the gateway to a successful future.

To recap: - Laser Focus - Driven mindset - Refuse to settle - Elevated magnetism - Thirst for knowledge - No negative emotions - Extreme self-discipline - New understanding of sex - Delusional self-confidence - Don't care what others think - Alert and observant state of mind

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