#Capitaru ?degenerate hours? It wasn't like Zapolyarny Palace wasn't well guarded. Fatui soldiers lined the halls at set stations, saluting as he passed. His chest held high, shoulders back. Tartaglia walked down the hallway as if he owned the place. And as a Harbinger, did he

not hold a high enough authority to pass wherever he pleased? His thick cloak shifted as he walked, his arms hidden underneath. His hands, gripping his precious find, certainly did not tremble in shame as he passed the awed and respectful faces of the lower ranking soldiers.

No one batted an eye as Lord Tartaglia, number eleven of the Fatui Harbingers, walked from Lord Capitano's room and then back to his own. A meeting of Harbingers. A personal talk. They did not question it, as it was not their place to. But oh, perhaps they should have.

Tartaglia closed the door behind him, his stern expression fading away. He could not be as carefree here at the palace as he could back in Liyue. However, perhaps a bit of his impulses from before came back with him. The fire cast the room in a warm, comforting glow. The popping

sparks within the pile of logs were like applause for what he had done. He raised his free hand, unclasping his cloak and letting it pool at his feet. His eyes dragged down towards what he held in his hand. "I have to be crazy..." Surely he did. After all, even now his thoughts

were not about getting caught taking this but instead about who Capitano used this with. Disgusting. Unsanitary. Tartaglia did not care. He set it aside and let the rest of his clothes fall to his feet. His fireplace and the fire within his stomach were enough to him warm.

He picked up his new treasure, laying down upon the bed. His long legs slid out to give him better access. His bottom lip pinched between his teeth as he held back his anticipation. Two fingers pressed to his hole to keep everything nicely cupped towards his throbbing hole.

Then he picked up the already torn condom and poured Capitano's cum upon his intimacy. It slid down his balls as the opening wiggled and splattered a bit around. "Shit." Tartaglia shook the condom more. Luckily the size of both the rubber and the load inside ensured Tartaglia

had plenty more to use. He waited for the now cold seed to touch his fingers before he began to open himself up. He hadn't meant to do this. Archons, he felt like such a fucking pervert right now. But mostly, he wished the icy cum was warm enough to burn his insides and make this

feel more real. Tartaglia let the whole condom empty as he held open his ass, stretching it wide with three fingers. The condom was tossed away after it was emptied, hitting the floor with a wet, slightly gross splat. Not that it was well heard over the growing moans of the

eleventh's rising voice. Tartaglia had experienced tunnel vision in battle before. All the fighting around him disappeared until it was only his targets that came into view. Single-minded slaughter. Now he felt the same thing except he was only focused on pushing his crush's cum

as deep inside as it could go. Pitiful pleas fell from desperate lips. "Captain. Please. Please, deeper. Fuck. Deeper inside me, please. Oh fuck, I wanna feel you. Captain. CAPITANO~♡!" "Yes?" Childe shot up, fmmuch more than four fingers too far into his ass to pull straight

out. Tartaglia was caught red handed with his hand in his ass and his cock covered in the Captain's stolen cum. All while Capitano stared down at the smaller Harbinger. His head turned slightly to the side to take in the discarded condomn and Tartaglia SWORE he heard a deep sniff

from under that helm. "I was told you'd visited my room and assumed there was an important discussion to be had. I see you've found what you were looking for, though." Tartaglia stared, unable to move. Slowly his mouth opened, and a simple word just tumbled out. "Yup."

"I see you are very resourceful, little eleventh. But leftovers are not fit for a Harbinger." Capitano came forward. His footsteps heavy upon Tartaglia's floor. The logs in the fireplace shifted and collapsed, sending up embers into the fireplace and dousing a bit of the light.

"Remove that hand and show me what you've put inside yourself, Tartaglia." Claws dug into flesh and 'helped' ease his hand out of his ass. The gaping hole still held no chance against the thick cock that leaked a suspiciously dark liquid from the tip. "Eh... uh... that..."

Tartaglia looked down at the frothy white cum from an unknown man now smeared inside his deepest parts. "Yes, little Tartaglia. You've certainly done it now." Tartaglia flinched at how Capitano's voice distorted. There was a reverb to each word that rose to nearly an ear

splitting frequency. As if demons of the abyss screeched with every word. "Imagine the random recruit that not only finished getting pierced by a Harbinger's greatsword, but he now walks around unknowingly as his pathetic seed has been bred into our youngest." "B-bred? That's a

bit..." Tartaglia laughed, but he did nervously begin to scoop out the cum inside on him. "Shit, I wish it wasn't so deep..." "Poor little eleventh." Capitano purred and that was enough to make Childe's whole body shiver. "I have come to you to offer assistance at correcting

your mistake." The tin of metal began to clang around the room. The fire cut out and only the darkest black squirming inside the Captain's helm allowed Tartaglia to understand what was going on. Tentacles as long as a grown man slithered out from the small opening of Capitano's

mask. They wrapped around Tartaglia's calves and dragged them up towards the ceiling. More came forward to prode at the delicate muscles and flesh between those legs. "Ca-Capitano! Wait, I can-" Tartaglia whined as they slipped inside, scooping around and dragging the inferior

cum out. "You could have asked if you desired my cock, eleventh. I would make time to breed our youngest full, perhaps then you would stay out of mischief like this." "I thought it was yours!♡♡" Tartaglia groaned, voice rising as another tentacle slipped inside. All moved at

different speeds and directions, making the Harbinger lose his mind at the sensations inside him. "And now you will know better." Capitano grabbed Tartaglia's chin, forcing him to look at the wiggling darkness inside his helm. "Our little prince, kissed by the abyss. Open

yourself up for me and feel how one truly breeds a naughty boy like you." Oh, Tartaglia could feel it all right. Every drop burned in the most horrifying and sensual way possible. His insides became sensitive enough to feel every bump of the thick veins upon the Captain's cock.

"Fuck. So good. Mmm, ah...hah... hurts...good...but hurts too..." "Just as you like." Capitano's rows of teeth glinted from under his helm as he grinned, looking down on his little abyssal cocksleeve. Their youngest was truly too precious. And now, Tartaglia was all his.

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