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NSFW Kiyoomi is a closeted person. He chooses his words carefully and think twice before opening his mouth. Atsumu knows that. But when they first hook up, he also discovers that when aroused and near his orgasms, words spill out of his mouth.

Atsumu is fucking himself on Kiyoomi's dick, straddling his hips, Kiyoomi laid down, panting, when it starts. "Fuck, Atsumu, how do you feel so damn good?" Atsumu is surprised because it's the first time he calls him by his given name and not Miya. "Yeah, you like that?"

"Yes, yes. You're so perfect." He punctuates his words by bringing his hands on Atsumu's thighs, gently carressing it. "You feel so good too, Omi. Your dick..." "Please, I need you. I just need a bit more." He cuts off Atsumu, grabbing his ass cheeks.

Atsumu fastens his space as much as he can but it starts to hurt. "Yes, anything for you Kiyoomi." "How are you so perfect for my cock? It's so hot, and just tight and..." He hisses at the end of his sentence. Atsumu moans at the praise. He wonders if this is -

the nicest think Kiyoomi told him or if it is the "You don't smell so bad" he conceded last month. "You don't know how long I've been waiting for this!" Kiyoomi suddenly starts to jerk him off, and Atsumu doesn't know if it's too much or just what we wanted.

Kiyoomi sits up and kisses his neck. "I want to see you come. Want to see how pretty you are when you do. Pleass tell me I'm the best fuck you've had." Atsumu just groans louder as the response. This Kiyoomi will be the death of him. When they finally come,

Atsumu can only screams long "aah" while Kiyoomi continues talking "Fuck!" "So good!" "You're the best." "Atsumu" "Atsu". And if he lets slip a "I love you" too, Atsumu pretends he didn't hear it fo Kiyoomi's sake.

I don't have energy to write the rest but imagine Kiyoomi furious at Atsumu for not responding to his "i love you", not even to reject him. Even thought he hadn't planned on confessing now, the words were still true. So he continues to hook up with Atsumu.

Always talking too much and telling him he loved him, while Atsumu is still ignoring it thinking it's just something he says in the spur of the moment. He is probably convinced Kiyoomi is imagining someone else as they do it. So he tries to please him as much as possible

to make sure he is the only person in his mind. They stay like that for 2 months because they are just /THAT/ stupid.

If you have other ideas of what Kiyoomi could say, please feel free to share!

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