John Hayes, C.A.E.

John Hayes, C.A.E.



AI has taken the world by storm! And people, just like you, are becoming millionaires right NOW with AI. Here are 15 "PHENOMENAL" tools that'll turn you into a force to be reckoned with... // Bookmark this one! πŸ‘‡πŸ“œ

1. ScribeHow Turn any process into a step-by-step guide! Why use it? β€’ Automated SOPs β€’ Edit and customize β€’ Record any process β€’ Share with one click πŸ”—

2. AskFred Supercharge your meetings with AI extensions! Why use it? β€’ Customize notes β€’ Answer questions β€’ Summarize transcripts β€’ Generate content with 1-click πŸ”—

3. Perplexity Ask anything while you browse! Why use it? β€’ Search by page β€’ Search the internet β€’ Summarize any text β€’ Search current domain πŸ”—

4. Notion AI AI right inside of Notion! Why use it? β€’ Use in-line in Notion β€’ Communicate better β€’ Conquer writer's block β€’ Automate tedious tasks πŸ”—

5. ElevenLabs The most realistic and versatile AI speech software, ever! Why use it? β€’ Voice cloning β€’ Lifelike voices β€’ Uncanny quality β€’ Speech synthesis πŸ”—

6. Glasp Social web highlight and YouTube summary! Why use it? β€’ Highlight anything β€’ Organize your thoughts β€’ Paste into any note taker β€’ Copy highlights with one click πŸ”—

7. NVIDIA Broadcast AI-enhanced voice and video! Why use it? β€’ Auto-framing β€’ Eye-to-eye contact β€’ Virtual backgrounds β€’ Noise and echo removal πŸ”—

8. Bardeen Automate your manual tasks magically! Why use it? β€’ Automate joining meetings β€’ Extract data from any website β€’ Build prospect lists in minutes β€’ Streamline your lead gen process πŸ”—

9. DoNotPay The world's first robotic lawyer! Why use it? β€’ Cancel free trials β€’ Beat bureaucracy β€’ Fight corporations β€’ Find hidden money πŸ”—

10. Altered Augment your voice! Why use it? β€’ Clone your voice β€’ Record and edit anywhere β€’ Curated third-party voices β€’ Create multi-character performances πŸ”—

11. D-ID Create talking avatars with the click of a button! Why use it? β€’ Create speaking portraits β€’ Create videos from photos β€’ Create videos from avatars β€’ Create personalized training videos πŸ”—

12. Clipdrop Create stunning visuals in seconds! Why use it? β€’ Remove text β€’ Upscale images β€’ Turn text to images β€’ Remove backgrounds πŸ”—

13. Soundraw Royalty-free music, AI generated for you! Why use it? β€’ Tell your story β€’ No copyright strikes β€’ Customize the songs β€’ Create unlimited music πŸ”—

14. BHuman AI powered personalized videos at scale! Why use it? β€’ Create your own videos β€’ Pre-made videos to use β€’ Send personalized videos β€’ Enter data like a spreadsheet πŸ”—

15. Poised AI-powered communication coach! Why use it? β€’ Get real-time feedback β€’ Analyze trends over time β€’ Integrates with 800+ tools β€’ Improve with a personalized plan πŸ”—

TL;DR 1. ScribeHow 2. AskFred 3. Perplexity 4. Notion AI 5. ElevenLabs 6. Glasp 7. NVIDIA Broadcast 8. Bardeen 9. DoNotPay 10. Altered 11. D-ID 12. Clipdrop 13. Soundraw 14. BHuman 15. Poised

What's your favorite from these 15 amazing AI tools? Comment below!

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