Been doing some research on crypto options and decided to make it public... ?Crypto x Options Repository Currently contains - options-related analytics sites - automated article feed - twitter handles - list of cefi and defi option services

Best Options Analytics tools @GenesisVol @laevitas1 @DeribitExchange @coinglass_com @TheBlock__ @skewdotcom

Automated options-related article feed on markets, theoretical/quantitative research, and educational posts @Blofin_Official @Darrenlautf @friktion_labs @IVLeagueDAO @ledger_prime @opyn_ @QCPCapital @ribbonfinance @RNR_0

Who to Follow on Crypto Options twitter Tagged by type of content and propensity to ?-post

List of Cefi and Defi Option Services (also testing out embedded @defillama TVL pages in notion?)

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