Four youtube mistakes that 97.3% of beginner YouTubers make. how many do you know??

?? 1. Not Optimizing for Session Time You want viewers to binge watch as much of your content as possible. But that's easier said than done. How exactly do ya do that? - Good End Screen CTAs - Similar Types of Videos - Binge-able Content Dream is a perfect example:

?? 2. Not Jumpstarting Your Channel w/ a Banger You want to build up momentum (returning viewers) on your channel as quickly as possible Find outlier topics in your niche and redo them better. Here's a good example:

?? 3. Not Structuring the Thumbnail A good thumbnail can be the difference between 10,000 and 1,000,000 views So you want your thumbnail to have these 3 elements: 1: Emotional Appeal (make them laugh) 2: Intriguing Concept (good clickbait) 3: Color Contrast (creates focus)

?? 4. Content that's NOT Broadly Appealing You want your content to appeal to a big audience. BUT: there's a fine line between good broad & too broad Here's an example:

If you learned something, retweet the thread and I'll make a "YouTube mistakes" part 2 :)

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