Fat stomach, man boobs, skinny arms, barely any facial hair, pimples, and weak jawline. These are all characteristics of a weak modern man. No one will respect you if you look like that. Here are 6 Things You Need to Improve on to Look More Masculine: Ò¬‡ï¸

1. Bulk Up This is the single most important one. Your entire frame will be bigger and you'll look way more like a man. You want your body weight to be as high as possible without being fat. Eat in the caloric surplus and do resistance training.

2. Neck If there's one muscle that makes you look more masculine it's your neck. As much as it sounds silly, it's true. Nobody talks about it. Nobody does it in the gym. Have you seen pictures of Mike Tyson in his prime? This is the guy that trained neck every day.

3. Legs You can't really look masculine and strong with skinny legs. There's a certain muscle in your legs that has the highest ROI in making you look more masculine. It's your glutes. I like to say that your glutes are like the shoulders of your legs. Does that make sense?

Your shoulder separates your arms, so once you develop your shoulders your upper body looks so much more muscular. Your glutes do the same thing. If you don't train your glutes your legs just look straight and you seem skinny and weak from a distance.

4) Mewing Mewing is kind of like the opposite of mouth breathing. When you breathe like you're supposed to your face develops and you suddenly have a much sharper and stronger-looking face. Watch this video to learn more:

5) Style Grow a beard if you can. Shorter hairstyles are more masculine. Men look more powerful and successful when they wear the minimal branded logo on their clothes. Stop wearing cringe T-shirts with lots of colors and big pictures. It looks silly and childish.

6) Body Language This is a weird one. I could say you just to stand up straight with your shoulders back, but it's not gonna help you. My theory is that your body language is just a reflection of the rest of your life.

Your natural body language when you're "AFK" is the one you deserve depending on your place in the social hierarchy. The king always has fantastic body language naturally, without overthinking. If you want to look more like a man, you need to start living more like a man.

These are not sexy answers. The real truth is that if you want to look more masculine you need to be more masculine. All of these things take time to improve. Go out there and face challenges. Watch this video right now:

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