Bryttdaffodil🌼(Fic&thread comms open)

Bryttdaffodil🌼(Fic&thread comms open)



SkTs- streamer!Omi/ artist!Atsumu “Here’s the deal,” Sakusa checked that Atsumu was in his studio, closing the door to his gaming room. “Blondie’s store is going up at midnight. If you sell it out before he goes to bed, I’ll wear the maid costume for my next week of streams.”

Atsumu had been worried for weeks. Working all day long, well into the night, for months. Making art prints, sticker sheets, his own coloring book, charms, keychains. All his love going into each piece. “What if no one likes them? What if I fail?” Atsumu had whispered to him

the night before. His fingers tangled in the front of Sakusa’s shirt. “You? Fail? Impossible,” Sakusa kissed the top of his head. A few minutes after midnight, Sakusa heard earth rattling screeches. The door to his room flew open. “It’s gone!” Sakusa reached out to touch

Atsumu’s hip, to steady him. “What is, Blondie?” Atsumu’s eyes filled with happy tears, grin spreading. “Everything!” Sakusa dutifully wore the maid costume for the next week, while Atsumu happily shipped all his packages. At the next restock, the first thing to sell out were

the Sakusa plushies Atsumu had handmade. All in maid costumes.

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