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How to Get a Jackpot Profit, Overnight by Reading Large Player Mind Early ?? Buy at Low, Sell at High. Gap Up Gap Down Jumping Strategy ??? It really works in Index Trading. Banknifty, FinNifty, Nifty If you are interested in overnight profit gain, This ? is for you.

Large players generally kick out retail participants before large moves on either side. If Market Trend is bullish, They generally try to sell their position at a higher level to get call premium at lesser value.

If Market Trends is bearish, They generally try to sell their Put position at a higher level to get put premium at lesser value. So First Identify the trend. Bullish or Bearish. Bullish -If price trading above vwap throughout the day. Bearish- if price trading below vwap.

Generally Price Adjustments occur in the second half. If the price trend is Bullish , Try to identify important support levels or VWAP levels. If the price trends is bearish, Try to identify important resource Level or VWAP levels. That's Important point. Wait like an ?.

Take Entry once Price comes to that level. And the most Important point. If price moves hugely after 3 PM You can get the advantage of Price Adjustments also. Price adjusted and settled at average price of 3 to 3.30 PM. So if market is bullish and call premium falls after 3 PM

You can Get that call premium at lesser value plus. You will get xtra points before the market opening. If the market is bearish and put premium falls after 3 PM U can get that pe premium at lesser value + u will get xtra points before the market opening .

So You will get Double ?? Overnight Benefits in this Strategy. ?Lesser Premium ? Extra premium due to Price Adjustments. It works superbly. Let me know if you've seen this type of situation before. Follow me @arifhasan18 For more such ?.

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