Michael Loftman

Michael Loftman



Crossing from the Byline Getting to the byline is one of the most effective ways to create high quality chances. However, once arriving at the byline, the crossing decision becomes key. The structure of the opponents plays a huge role in making the right decision. 1/5

When the space is in front of the defensive line with no midfielders protecting the space, the cut back is a primary option. The player arriving in the box should time their run to arrive as the ball arrives.

When the space is between the defensive line and goalkeeper, runs should be made across the defenders to meet a low cross/pass that has enough weight to prevent the goalkeeper or defender intercepting

When the defensive line shift over to deal with the near side, space should be exploited at the back post with a chipped cross meeting an attacking run behind the opponent full-back. The cross should have enough height without spending too much time in the air.

When there is one opponent player covering the central cut back area, an attacking player can make a movement to the near post cut-back angle, where they can receive before the opponents can get to the ball.

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