✨Gilf Enjoyer 3000✨

✨Gilf Enjoyer 3000✨



#Capitaru 🛡️💧 CW: tentacles, abyssal rut, ABO references, prostitution?? Childe could feel it the second his fingers wrapped around the doorknob, the racing of his heart and the slick dripping down his thighs. It’d been a while since he had a client in need of an abyssal

omega, it’s been a while since he last seen an alpha in rut, but he was more than certain he could handle this.. he thinks, at least that he can. Carefully, he turns the doorknob and peaks in, his eyes widening when he sees the man on the bed, masked and ripping at

the sheets as growls poured out from him. Childe’s knees feel weak. This man must at least be around eight feet- maybe more. Slowly, he steps around the door and quietly closes it behind him, the scent of the alpha practically smacking him in the face. “H-Hello”

his voice barely comes out a whisper but the alpha immediately looks at him, tentacles pouring out from his armor and desperately grabbing at the his small frame. Capitano’s mind feels foggy, but fuck, Childe is so much *smaller*. He’d known he was signing up for something good

considering he’d asked for the best they had, but.. gods, he may end up seriously making this guy his mate if he slips in too far. Childe’s just sort of *staring*, for once at a loss for words facing off with an alpha. “Cat got your tongue, little omega?” Capitano’s voice comes

out deep and raspy, tentacles groping at Childe’s thighs and waist, circling tightly around him. Childe gasps, his eyes falling shut as he desperately tries to close his thighs, the tentacles only further pulling them apart in response. Capitano *laughs*, a deep rumbling sound

vibrating through the boy’s whole body. “Let’s stop playing” he mumbles, pulling him close and cupping his jaw, “get on the bed.” That night Childe finds himself pulled apart on the bed, pussy beyond destroyed as loud wails, cries, and moans fill up the room.

And by the end of it, he also finds his permanent mate, Capitano claiming him for his own. Childe didn’t mind though, when he curled up into the man, he felt the safest he’s ever been. As he looked up one final time before falling asleep, his heart did a stupid little flip.

He quickly buried his face in Capitano’s chest, cheeks bright pink as he nuzzled him. “Sleep well, Childe” Capitano mumbled, gently petting his head. Childe sleeps the best he has in years at his mate’s command.

This ✨was✨ going to be actual smut but then I remembered I have to conserve my brain energy for a bigger project hehe. Which might be here soon!! We’ll see 🤭 anyways, hope you liked it 🥹 thank you for reading <33

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