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SEO is not the only way of doing Affiliate Marketing. Here are 5 other ways you can promote affiliate offers without relying on Google:

1. Email Marketing Start building an email list from Day 1. Owning your audience is the number 1 thing you can do today. • Setup autoresponders • Have an automated flow of emails • Use the 80-20 rule (80% value, 20% promotion) • Promote affiliate offers in the signature

2. Own Facebook Groups or any community The future is community. There are a lot of opportunities and like-minded people out there who want to discuss a topic. Start a FB Group. Probably the easiest to get started. Grow & scale it up. Promote affiliate offers as admin ?

I know many FB groups making a ton of money through affiliate marketing. Mainly in the SaaS industry. Might do a case study soon.

3. TikTok TikTok is getting exploding organic reach right now. Just lead users to your bio link. You can take them to your website or email list (where you have the autoresponder setup). ?Pro tip: You can show your URL on TikTok video & watch out for direct traffic.

4. Setup free lead magnets and attract traffic from Social media The goal is to get relevant traffic. Create a lead magnet. It can be: - Checklists - Templates - Videos - Quizzes Host it on your website and share it on social media. Ask for email & nurture those subs.

These email subscribers are now your audience. Then just follow the 80-20 rule and promote accordingly.

5. Paid Advertising Not recommended for beginners. You can run paid ads on dedicated landing pages or high-intent blog posts. Just make sure you are running ads on affiliate programs which can be hugely profitable. Otherwise, your CPA will eat all your profits.

That's it. I might make another list and write a detailed blog soon on @corner_aff (Work in progress). If you liked this, please retweet the 1st tweet and follow me at @tejas3732

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