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Someone asked for this again since my stuff is all over the place rn. So resources a thread: Lineart Brushes: BG Painting Brushes:

Photon degeneration and wavelengths having a faster degeneration rate then others.This is the general color fall off order as things recede into atmosphere How photons bounce back into your eye and what has the highest strengths to come back to you at certain distances.

More painting things.

Music is the arrangement of time. Art the arrangement of space. Composition is quintessential to a solid painting and how you arrange that space to create an " Eye Cage" for the viewer. I want to do more tutorials on this and how to sell more depth and story in your BGs.

Backgrounds are SO important in Animation. They determine the focal length of the scene. Comedy is shot with a flatter camera focal length because the acting and comedy reads clear. Think Sunday Comics. Action uses more differiating focal lengths. Dynamic Story=Dynamic shots.

There's a lot of rules of 3's Boarding:Close Up, Medium and Wide Shot. Design: Triangle, Circle, Square. Writing: Heart, Heroism, Humor. Knowing these key elements and how to combine them will help you so much. Also FG elements not only can sell depth BUT story too!

Now you can do a background just with MG and BG elements. Sometimes FG elements do block the stage sometimes for the actors. But if you can add that extra layer of depth and narrative to the set. It really helps a ton.

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