1/5 Remember #Sabrimala issue? Fact--other than desecrating the temple, commie govt in Kerala ws helping few REAL ESTATE companies. YEP! The man's name is KP YOHANAN. Now it hs bn proven by income tax dept that this man and his NGO got Rs 6500 crore+ in last 5 yrs frm abroad.

2/5 The raid by IT dept ws carried out in Believers church's premises in Delhi & Kerala. Apparently IT dept recovered Rs 7 crores frm the boot of a car and also Rs 95 lakhs frm hidden chambers. This man & his NGO wr under scrutiny since sometime for acquiring 2268 acres land

3/5 How are Believer's church KP Yohanan (KPY) connected? Latter is the founder of the former. Add to it the fact that in America there r 2 cases of fraud against KPY's another entity called Gospel of Asia.

4/5 The story doesn't end here. 100 acres of land undr KPY belongs to Devaswom board (temple board, Kerala). There's a plan to construct AIRPORT on the land undr KP Yohanan's possession. Ostensibly govt gave it's land to KPY and ws later planning to buy it frm him. Hw sweet! ?

5/5 The temple ws being desecrated by inimical elements, funded by foreign entities. Yeah, I'll hv a few clowns telling me that SABRIMALA is not related to NATIONAL SECURTY. Check the pattern: Anti-CAA protests & Sabrimala issue wr done to insert wedges btwn diff communities.

The strategy to bring down any democracy is to exploit its weaknesses-- in India's case it is diff religious communities & in America's case it's ppl of diff colors. In 2018 when Sabrimala issue hd come up I hd written this article on lesser known facts.

The source of info of raid and hw it ws conducted is frm @marunadannews. ( ) Bt yes, those who knw abt KPY’s hand behind Sabrimala issue wld hv easily picked up why these raids wr necessary? U still feel GOVT is twiddling it’s thumbs? Doing NOTHING? ?

And I've posted less than 5% of info on this man. Buddies do read/ search more on this issue. There's hell lotta back story here.

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