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How to kill your e-commerce competitors? ? When starting my main brand in 2020, I had 5 competitors selling the same product with Facebook Ads. Now, I have zero. 0️⃣ How did I manage to take over the market? ? THREAD (1/10)

It comes down to 3 things: 1. Average Order Value 2. Customer Lifetime Value 3. Trustworthiness / Social Proof 4. Bonus Tip Let me explain ⤵️ (2/10)

#1 - Average Order Value Probably the most important thing when taking over the market. The bigger your AOV, the more you can spend to acquire a customer on FB. A big advantage over your competitors. (3/10)

How to get bigger AOV? - Upsells, Downsells, Cross-sells - Improving product lineup - Bundles - Offering Insurance / Warranty - Priority Shipping - Testing higher pricepoints (4/10)

#2 - Customer LTV The most important thing to sustain a brand long-term. Getting your already existing customers to buy from you again increases your profit margin greatly. Again, lets you spend more. (5/10)

How to improve LTV? - Email Marketing - Adding new products - Improving your main product based on customer feedback and launching it as Main Product 2.0 - SMS Marketing - Active Brand Social Media - Offering a great buying experience (6/10)

#3 - Trustworthiness A lot of customers check brand legitimacy before making a purchase online. Make sure you don't lose a customer because you don't have social proof: - Website reviews - YouTube reviews - Trustpilot reviews - IG & FB reviews (7/10)

#4 - Bonus: Affiliate Program Set up an affiliate program for your brand & pay your affiliates to promote your products. I've used @goaffpro but I've heard great things about @_socialsnowball - pick what suits you the best. (8/10)

All this lets you outspend your competitors by a mile making you the market leader and acquiring the majority of the customerbase. If you competitors start having to pay more for a customer and their AOV isn't improving, they will become unprofitable & stop advertising. (9/10)

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