aurora 🤍 | in my flop era

aurora 🤍 | in my flop era



#sakuatsu // college student atsumu, ceo kiyoomi "ugh! this is so hard samu" atsumu whined as he was on the phone with his brother. it was exam week and all atsumu could do was study his ass off. "don't ya think i know that?"

osamu was so whining about how hard it is to cook all day for culinary school. "what did ya make this week?" osamu held the phone between his shoulder and his ear "Italian food" atsumu raised an eyebrow "oh? was it good?" osamu sighed "yeah it was great actually"

~ once the twins got off of the phone, atsumu headed to work, he worked night shifts and luckily for him no one gets coffee at night. once he got there, he sat at the cash register waiting for people to come in. the little bell rang, indicating someone walked in.

"hi! how may i help y- oh, it's you" a tall man walked to the cash register, with a suit and a brief case. "hi" atsumu had to look up at him "i've been meanin' ta ask ya, why do ya always come here at night?" the tall man looked down at atsumu and gave him a small smile.

"because i know you'll be here" atsumu gave the man a weird face. "so yer stalkin' me now?" the man gave a small chuckle "well, i wouldn't put it that way. but i have gotten very fond of you and wanted to talk to you more" atsumu gave the man a smile. "what's yer name"

the man pulled out a card from his suit pocket and handed it to atsumu. "that's my personal information" atsumu gave the card a quick look before putting it in his pocket. "you can call me at any time, i would like to take you out for dinner"

atsumu looked up at the man once more "alright"

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