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Can't focus? Here are 9 science-backed tips to easily maximize your focus:

It's becoming harder to focus on one thing. But focus is what enables us to do hard things. Focus is simultaneously becoming more rare AND more valuable. So if you want to get ahead of 99% of people, use these 9 tips to improve your focus.

1) Do a brain dump A big reason you can't focus: You have too much on your mind. Grab a pen and paper. Write down everything on your mind. Your mind will be clearer - and focusing will be easier.

2) Don't multitask You might think you can do two productive things at one time... But the brain doesn't work that way. When you're multitasking, your brain switches back and forth between each task. Each switch costs time and energy, making you less effective and more tired.

3) Minimize distractions Distractions can be external: • loud sounds around you • too many browser tabs open • a messy (or uncomfortable) workspace Try to eliminate (or get away from) those. Or internal: • worries • fears • ideas Brain dumping helps with those.

The last two points are important. When your attention switches from one thing to another... It can take 25 MINUTES for your attention to 100% return to what you were first doing. A distraction doesn't just cost you 30 seconds. It can cost 25 minutes and 30 seconds.

4) Put your phone out of sight (and out of ear) One of your biggest distractions is your phone. Studies have shown your performance is reduced when your phone is in your field of view. When it's time to focus, silence your phone and put it out of sight.

5) Plan your work Another big reason why you can't focus: You don't know WHAT to focus on. To fix this... • Brain dump the things you need to get done • Pick 3 of them • Plan times you'll work on them tomorrow Plan tomorrow's work today to increase tomorrow's focus.

When you plan out your work blocks, start with the Pomodoro method: • Work for 25 minutes • Take a 5 minute break • Repeat a few more times As you build your focus "muscle", gradually increase your work time. 75 minutes of work followed by a 15 minute break is a great goal.

6) Go for a walk Walks help you focus when you get back to work. Research has shown walking increases brain activity - especially in areas related to attention and focus. Going for a quiet walk also gives your subconscious space to chew on your problems and spit out new ideas.

7) Meditate Meditation is scientifically proven to increase your ability to focus. It trains your brain to focus on something DESPITE your internal or external distractions. Meditation can be intimidating to beginners - but guided meditations on YouTube make it easy!

8) Have a pre-game ritual Your brain is wired to make associations. Try making a "pre-game ritual" your brain associates with deep focused work. Mine: • put my phones away • close unneeded tabs • put on headphones • set my timer • start the Interstellar soundtrack

9) Listen to music Studies have shown listening to music while working can help you focus. I suggest instrumental music so the vocals don't distract you. A few great options: • Lo-fi • Trance • Classical • The Interstellar soundtrack • Any other work by Hans Zimmer

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