For those comparing IK disqualification to that of NS, let's refresh why NS was really disqualified & the implications of his misdeclaration. Starting with the very basics, the decision for disqualification was made by the SC not ECP. 1/13

Contrary to popular claim, NS was NOT disqualified for not withdrawing salary. He was disqualified for failing to declare income from UAE & holding iqama there. As per UAE laws, all employees must receive salary through bank account under UAE's Wage Protection System. 2/13

Failure to do so would result in firm being blacklisted & shut down. So, not only was NS chairman of the company but salary was deposited to his account every month which he failed to declare. He continued to receive this salary until a year after he became PM. 3/13

Now the argument often used is he did not withdraw his salary. Let's see if that makes sense. Your employer deposits salary into your bank account. The minute the amount hits your account, you have received salary irrespective of when you spend or withdraw it from the bank. 4/13

But the issue was not just a failure or omission to declare salary but that this salary was hidden deliberately because it provided one of the ways Sharif family launders money. It goes into how Iqama works. 5/13

Iqama precludes Pak govt or any of its institutions incl NAB, FIA from obtaining any financial data relating to income or assets of a Pakistani citizen in UAE. The sole purpose then for holding Iqama & not declaring it was to make it easy to launder money out of Pakistan. 6/13

The recent cases against Hamza Shehbaz are a very good example of how it's done. You deposit crores of rupees from one of your companies to low paid employees whom you know you can control. 7/13

You then have money transferred from those accounts to yours in UAE. Money is out of Pakistan and received into your accounts but Pak govt has no way of investigating how much money you have there or how it even got there. 8/13

As need be, you then remit money back to Pakistan. Now here's how being in govt helps. As per the laws they designed, any money remitted from abroad to Pakistan cannot be questioned so the black money now becomes white money with the state unable to trace how it was done. 9/13

And now you have successfully laundered your money. So the disqualification was not about a mere omission or for not taking money, but for a major misdeclaration purposely done so the Mafia family could launder their money easily. 10/13

It's no surprise then that Justice Khosa compared NS to the Godfather family knowing fully well what crimes were being done with the cover of Iqama and the laws purposely designed to provide them legal cover. 11/13

And it's not just that. Disqualification itself became moot when later, NS was convicted for corruption due to assets beyond means & failure to show receipts. To date Sharif family continues to claim multiple income sources but have failed to present any evidences. 12/13

Which again solidifies the earlier argument that the holding & non disclosure of Iqama was integral to their money laundering operations & why such omission was a material one that rightfully led to the disqualification of NS. 13/13

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