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Twitter marketing is one of the easiest marketing activities in the world. Stop using Twitter for bullshit. This app prints money.

Pick 1–3 topic - Make sure they're related to your service Post 5 tweets a day - 3 educational - 1 platitude - 1 self-promotional Post 2 threads a week - Pick a burning problem - Show the answer in 10-15 tweets DM 10–50 people a day - Anyone who RTs or like - New followers

you MUST force yourself to create content. CONTENT is the presente. And it'll be the future. Especially on Twitter, as Elon Musk has big plans for this app Let me tell you about his secret plans...

The Future of Twitter 1. Long-form will be king 2. Encrypted DMs (like Signal) 3. Payment thru Twitter 4. Faster verification (blue tick) 5. Millions of new users—more clients for you 6. Fewer bots 7. Less censorship

Elon Musk seem to be working all day on Twitter. Here's what we know so for:

In a leaked email... Elons state, “working long hours at high intensity. Only exceptional performance” Twitter will ONLY have high-performing, high-octane, turn-coffee-into-code programmers Crazy thing? Everyone who doesn't agree to long-hours of work will are out of Twitter

There's also the firing of the "activist class" employees. You know... Those who can't stop yapping about non-existent problems and are always complaining about building a safe, inclusive work environment They're gone Twitter employees won't have to walk on eggshells anymore.

Remember how fast we got the new Twitter Blue? (That's how I got my bluecheck, btw) Methinks we'll get more shit done in the next 12 months than in all of Twitter's history. Therefore...

Twitter will keep growing. More people will come to this platform. More RICH people will also be here, reading stuff, checking the news... And while they're at it... ONE of your tweets gets into their feed... And.......

A new client! That's the your future—should you start tweeting right away. Don't let the next 12 months got by. Get started. And here's how to do exactly that:

You're only one major decision away from changing your life. My Inner Circle can be that decision for you. Join here ?

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