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This filing in the Dominion lawsuit against Fox News is one of the most remarkable documents I've ever seen. Filled with private texts between Fox stars like Hannity and Carlson, plus Murdoch, all admitting they knew Fox's stolen election claims were lies.

The texts show Fox trapped in a dilemma of its own making, afraid to admit the election was honest bc they'll lose viewers to Newsmax. Tucker rages and tries to get Fox reporter @JacquiHeinrich fired after she admits the election wasn't stolen.

Here's Rupert Murdoch telling Fox News CEO Suzanne Scott to focus on winning the GA Senate races for Republicans, "helping any way we can."

Fox got into Dominion conspiracy theories in the first place because Sidney Powell got a deranged email from someone who thought she was a ghost, and Antonin Scalia was murdered in a Most Dangerous Game-style "human hunting expedition."

Tucker Carlson repeatedly frets in text messages to his producer that Trump is a "demonic force" who could "destroy" him if Carlson missteps: "He's the undisputed world champion of that. He could easily destroy us if we play it wrong."

The Fox messages reveal Fox brass and top hosts tearing into Rudy Giuliani. Hannity: Rudy's "an insane person." Ingraham: "Such an idiot." Murdoch: "Really crazy stuff."

A fascinating detail about Fox's relationship with MyPillow tycoon Mike Lindell, their most important advertiser — after Lindell insulted Fox in a Newsmax appearance, Fox sent him a gift and a handwritten note from their CEO to win him back.

Tucker Carlson emerges in the the court filing as absolutely freaking out after the election— hearing from angry viewers and worrying that Fox calling AZ for Biden will kill his golden goose, while also afraid "fucking bitch" Sidney Powell has gone too far.

Some interesting details about Jeanine Pirro in the Fox News messages: a Fox exec felt sure she was looking for a job at a competitor like Newsmax, and Fox cancelled her Nov. 7 show because they were afraid she'd push stolen election theories: "She is crazy."

The Dominion filing offers the best look inside Fox's internal operations that we've had in years, maybe ever. It shows Fox operating as many suspected: no compunctions about lying to viewers, and desperately tacking right to avoid losing market share to competitors like Newsmax.

Finally: if you liked this thread on Fox and Dominion, you'll love Trust the Plan, my book on QAnon and the rise of conspiracy theories in America. It's coming out on Tuesday, available for preorder now!

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