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Kiyoomi who picks his nails whenever there’s a big crowd and he’s anxious, and Atsumu who notices this during Nationals. He was standing alone like he always does by a wall, away from everyone, when Atsumu approached him to say hi and noticed his hands.

“The hell are ya’ doin’?” Atsumu asked, going ahead and just… grabbing Kiyoomi’s hands in his much warmer ones. He squinted at him. “Ya’ are gonna ruin yer hands, ya’ idiot.” Omi didn’t know if he was more shocked by Atsumu’s words, or by the fact he was *still* touching him.

He pulled his hands away. “I’m okay. I’m not a setter, my hands don’t need to be perfectly polished.” Atsumu’s touch was back on him in seconds, holding his hand again, examining it with hard eyes. “Ya’ are a volleyball player. Your hands should be spotless. C’mon.”

Kiyoomi was being dragged down the stadium before he could even ask what was going on. “What are you doing? I have a game—,” Atsumu just kept pulling him, his hand still closed around Kiyoomi’s. “I know, and imma help ya’ so ya’ don’t ruin your hands even more.”

So that’s how Kiyoomi found himself sitting on a stair besides Atsumu, his hands resting comfortably on Atsumu’s lap as he carefully trimmed and cut Kiyoomi’s nails and made sure to patch up the small cuts he had done to himself.

They didn’t talk much, Atsumu was surprisingly quiet when he was focused. Eyebrows frowned and tongue sticking out as slender fingers helped patching Kiyoomi up, and Kiyoomi didn’t have it in him to talk much either, he was too distracted just looking at Atsumu.

It wasn’t until Atsumu let his hands go and looked up at him to ask: “better now?” That Kiyoomi found his words again. His hands looked clean. Nice. And they still felt warm from Atsumu’s touch. “Yes. Thank you, Miya.”

Atsumu’s eyes lighten up as he smiled wider. “No problem, omi-kun. I can teach ya all about how to take care of your hands. It’s very important that you—,”

Atsumu kept talking, but Kiyoomi just thought that if given the chance, he’d rather Atsumu to do this for him again. If only for the chance to feel his warm touch once more.

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