// miyacest, omegaverse, intersex omegas, underage, dead dove alpha Osamu (45) buying omega Suna (14) as a gift so that omega Atsumu (14) can rest in between getting his pussy pounded he induces heats for Suna until he's trained into being perpetually turned on for his alpha

he's falls beautifully into the mind break, almost as if he'd been waiting for this. at least, that's what Osamu tells him, especially when Suna's eyes are rolled back and he's screaming for more, harder, faster, fuck me alpha, please!

Osamu fucks him. Bites him. Fucks him again. Whispers sweet nothings to a little lonely boy as he pinches his swollen nipples until they bruise. Suna belongs to him. He's meant for fucking and being bred and being a pretty little husband alongside Atsumu

It's truly a sight to see his stunning green eyes go wide every time alpha sinks his cock inside his cunt Atsumu loves Suna bc he gets to rest instead of being Osamu's only cum dump. Osamu loves it bc now he has the chance to fuck pups into two omegas instead of just one

maybe three, he thinks, when he checks his phone after coming into an unconscious Suna's pussy, absentmindedly rubbing his overused clit while looking at a curly haired boy who's just been added to the list of available purchases

he pulls out of Suna, who's body falls heavy against the bed, his stomach vaguely rounded out from Osamu's fucking. Atsumu yawns and rolls over, half asleep but presenting himself anyway. Osamu decides that his good boys deserve a reward for all their dedication to him

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