Bryttdaffodil🌼(thread comms open)

Bryttdaffodil🌼(thread comms open)



SkTs- fluff “Everyone thinks we’re dating,” Atsumu’s face was tucked into Sakusa’s throat. Sitting in his lap, feet kicking back and forth slightly. “Do they?” Sakusa was scrolling through his phone with one hand, the other stuffed high up Atsumu’s shorts. Thumb rubbing where

hip met thigh. “I wonder why.” Atsumu pouted, humming at how unbothered Sakusa sounded. “Ya don’t care?” Their chests were practically melded together, and Atsumu counted his heartbeats. “No, do you?” There was no hesitation and it helped settle the setter. “No, but we

could just be dating then. If neither one of us minds,” the kicking became slightly stronger as seconds of silence ticked by. “Omi?” “Sorry, I was changing my relationship status on all my social media,” Atsumu could feel his own phone start to buzz. “Omi, did ya happen to say

who ya were dating?” Atsumu felt him nod, and he couldn’t help but grin. The insufferable bastard. “We are already a PR nightmare.” They absolutely were, but they were too in love to notice.

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