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At some point after highschool, Kiyoomi accepted that no matter how hard he tried to prevent something life would always find a way to make it happen. Be it in volleyball or his life in general. Like when Hinata collapsed, or when Iizuna twisted his ankle and couldn't play.

So when he noticed he had fallen in love with the annoying setter, he momentarily felt panic but soon recovered and accepted. A big [DEAL WITH IT] slapped into the feelings he harbored. And dealt with it he did.

After two months showing signs of intetest in Atsumu, Kiyoomi decided to confess to him. But all it came out of Atsumu's mouth was a very clever answer of "huh?" and a stupid face. He looked cute. Kiyoomi hated it.

The captain called before a reply could be formed by the setter, and they leaved it as it was. Kiyoomi decided to give Atsumu time to process the information and give him an answer to his confession. On the other hand, Atsumu may die of heart attack.

"Samu, I think I'm going crazy... I need ta be hospitalized!" Osamu snorted, asking what happened. "I think I hallucinate that THE Sakusa Kiyoomi confessed to me that he liked me." "Ya think?" And that was all, as Osamu ended the call and went back to work. The bitch.

Atsumu have had a crush on Kiyoomi for some time now and having him confessing to him was quite shocking. Why would he even confess to Atsumu when he showed no interest at all? Kiyoomi felt annoyed for no reason while watching TV.

So Atsumu acted like the confession never happened. Maybe it was a joke. Or a bet he lost to Motoya. That could happen, right? So Atsumu would help Kiyoomi save face. Kiyoomi huffed, feeling the annoying sensation again.

Three days passed and Kiyoomi took Atsumu to a corner. "So?" Atsumu raised a brow, confused. "So what?" "So, what's your answer?" "Answer?" Kiyoomi frowned. Miya couldn't be this dumb, right? Osamu sneezed somewhere, feeling like someone was denying his brother's stupidity.

"To my confession? Miya, I told you I like you. I gave you time to process it and give me an answer but it never came. So I'm asking now, what's your answer?" Atsumu choked on his own saliva. "What?" "Miya." "Did you lose a bet to Motoya-kun?" Kiyoomi frowned harder. "No."

"Then, uh... Who made you do this?" "No one." Silence. Kiyoomi sighed, massaging his temples and asking God what kind of past life he had to pay such a heavy karma. "Miya, I like you. It's not a joke nor a prank."

Atsumu nervously laughed. "Why?" "Why what?" "Why would you like me?" Kiyoomi paused, staring deeply into Atsumu's eyes. The setter could feel the sweat forming at his back. "I don't know." "What?" "I don't know why I like you."

Atsumu left a soft "oh" escape his lips, eyes going to the ground. "But I do." He looks back up again, and Kiyoomi is still looking at him. But this time with a small smile. "I like when you smile at me. And I like when we bicker like it's our own secret language."

The spiker started, making the blonde blush slightly. "I like when you call me Omi or when you talk with me. I like that you act like a stupid child and laugh freely like it's no one's business." "Hey! I'm not stupid!" Kiyoomi chuckled, shyly grasping Atsumu's hands into his.

"I like how you light up when we talk about your brother or how much you advertise him to us even though you say he's the worst." "And he is! Not my fault he's good at cooking," Atsumu grumbled. "I just like you like that."

The setter nodded, falling into silence. He thought about the words he always thought about saying but never did. About he feelings he had but never showed. He thought about the possibilities and where they could go from here. "So?"

Truth be told, Kiyoomi was prepared for rejection. He watched Atsumu enough to know that he didn't reciprocate the feelings he had for the blonde. And that was fine. But, if by chance, he would accept. He would like to latch into that chance too.

"If there's a chance of you wanting to try going out with me, even if you don't like me like I do you, won't you accept me as your boyfriend?" Atsumu mumbled something. "What?" "I like you too..." Kiyoomi blinked, surprised. "You never showed."

"Yeah, no shit. I thought you didn't like me like that so I didn't even try." "Well, that was stupid." Atsumu smiled and Kiyoomi swears his heart jumped a little at that. He knew now that it was his love for Atsumu flowing. But when it first happened, he thought he was dying.

"I know that now... I like you too Omi. And yes, I would love to be your boyfriend." The blush on Atsumu's face and his blinding smile made a mess of Kiyoomi's head. "I want to kiss you now." "Baodbkdjsosja?" But it seemed to be a two way road.

Kiyoomi helped Atsumu to sit on a bench and sip some water, after helping him enter the gym. For now, calming down his boyfriend would do. They just started dating, there are plenty of chances for them to kiss. He just hoped Atsumu wouldn't blue screen again in the future.

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