We searched for keywords like "ROIC" and "FCF" in our slide database, looking for companies with a great capital allocation framework. In this thread we will share some findings รฐยŸยงยต 1. A beautiful chart from $TXN showing how its share price has followed FCF per share:

2. $PCAR's "Best-In-Class ROIC" peer table from its Q1 2022 earnings call:

3. $BUR with a beautiful ROIC slide:

4. From $LOW's recent Investor Update:

5. $TTC showing off two beautiful charts - Sales & Earnings and ROIC - during its Q2 2022 earnings call:

6. Another one from $TTC - "key performance measures":

7. $DHR - Danaher Business System's 8 core value drivers, oh which ROIC is one:

8. $EFN.TO has compounded FCF per share at 22% since 2018:

9. One company that is always reporting ROIC, including a detailed calculation, is $FAST:

10. $GDDY FCF per share:

11. $ODFL reducing debt and growing ROIC:

12. $KLBN - a decade of ROIC:

13. $AVID has a FCF per share financial target:

14. From $BG's Q2 2022 earnings call:

15. A "cannibal" slide from $TXN:

16. $OKE's long-term track record:

17. $CNX expects its 2026 FCF per share to have doubled compared to 2022:

18. World's largest RV manufacturer $THO showcasing its 5-year FCF and ROIC:

19. A chart showing $TXN's FCF margin, cash returns, and ROIC compared to the rest of S&P 500:

20. From $GWW's Investor Day 2022:

21. $NX ROIC and ROE:

22. $GETI FCF and ROIC:

23. $SNBR financials 2016-2021:

24. From $WOLF's Investor Day 2022:

25. $HLIO 2017-Q1'22 FCF:

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