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The 4 supplements that’ll supercharge your brain So you can think better, stress less & sleep easier THREAD

Before I get into it I’d like to mention that supplements are not a way out of a poor diet Or other bad habits You need to eat real foods Get sunlight And move more if you want your brain to work at its best These supplements should complement all of these Let’s dive in

1)Inositol Also known as Vitamin B8 It helps balance certain brain chemicals like serotonin & dopamine (mood/behavior) It’s great for those of you who struggle with OCD Anxiety Depression

Best nutritional sources of inositol include: Meats (Liver) Cantaloupe Citrus fruits As for supplements Opt for myo-inositol powder Doses vary based on your needs But start at 4g

2)Magnesium A miracle mineral used in over 300 biochemical processes in your body Your brain thrives on it Most of you are deficient due to high stress & poor diet Common signs of deficiency are: Anxiety Insomnia Depression Poor concentration Just to name a few

Magnesium’s effects are multifaceted It works on all types of receptors in your brain NMDA = learning/memory GABA = Sleep/relaxation Serotonin = focus/attention When you don’t have enough Your cognition starts to struggle

Best dietary sources of magnesium include: Cacao Seeds Nuts But you’re better off supplementing to make sure you get enough Best forms are: Chloride Glycinate Threonate Bicarbonate Start with a dose of 600-800mg

3) Medicinal mushrooms Used for thousands of years to enhance cognitive function These special organisms have made a comeback into our lives Their healing properties will fascinate you

There are 3 types of medicinal mushrooms that your brain loves: Lions mane (NGF = repairs brain cells) Reishi (anti-stress) Chaga (lowers neuroinflammation = better mental health) I’ve written more about them here

A more potent medicinal mushroom is Psilocybe Cubensis Better known as magic mushrooms It’s therapeutic potential in a depression is worthy of attention And is a serious breakthrough in the world of psychiatry

Medicinal mushrooms often come in supplement form (make sure they contain fruiting bodies) But hot water extractions made into drinkable teas also work Psilocybin should be done in a professional setting if you’re new to them

4)L-Theanine A compound found in green tea L-theanine works like magic on your stress Studies show it increases alpha brave wave activity So that you can relax effortlessly

L- Theanine is a cognitive enhancement agent It can increase serotonin, GABA & dopamine levels You can get into a focused zen mode Or even get deeper sleep at night because of it It’s a jack of all trades

Other than Teas, it’s hard to get from diet alone So supplements are highly recommended Start at 200-300mg

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