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🔶️💧, some 🔞 Childe has 🌸 I wonder if Zhongli has ever "accidentally" seen Childe's dreams. Walking amongst the dream realm of his people is not something Zhongli does often. Dreams are more Buer's specialty after all. Besides, he prefers to respect the privacy of his >>

people. Try as he might though, he can't say that he hasn't been curious as to what that Snezhnayan rascal dreams about. What Childe's innermost, secretive desires were. What kind of fantasies did Childe's subconscious indulge in? His curiosity can no longer be ignored when >>

one night, during a particularly warm yet peaceful evening, he feels a sense of yearning tugging at him. Begging desperately for his attention. A sensation similar to when he could feel the devotion of his people through prayer. Who could be so devoutly whispering his name at >>

this ungodly hour? As he attempts to link himself to the source, a sense of familiarity begins to settle into his chest. He already felt as if he were invading and he had yet to see anything... ____ Entering the dream realm is always a bit tricky. You never know where >>

exactly you'll end up or what dangers you'll face or how disruptive your presence will be. Thankfully, he seemed to have landed in a quiet little Liyuen apartment. A rather luxurious one at that. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary. It felt a little too normal to be a dream. >>

The deafening quietness was broken when a breathy sigh a few rooms over caught his attention. Worry began settling in. The host could be having a nightmare in what might be their own home. Perhaps this is why they chose to pray for his presence. He navigated the dark hallways >>

until he found himself face-to-face with an ornate door where the noises seemed to be coming from. No doubt the host and whatever plagued them was behind the door. He cracked the door open gingerly, deciding it best to err on the side of caution. The Geo Lord was woefully >>

unprepared for what he was about to witness. His dear friend Childe, almost stark naked, barring the rather tasteful set of silks decorating his figure. His melodic voice offering a symphony of moans and gasps as the Harbinger writhed against the bed. Zhongli almost averted >>

his gaze to respect Childe's privacy. That is until he realized Childe was not alone. Looming over Childe's vulnerable body was...... himself?! An exact copy of himself before him, lay there with the man of his affections, running its hands greedily all over Childe's skin. >>

"Hehe, Zhongli~ that tickles!" Childe cooed as Dream Zhongli's breath danced over his pierced ear. Rage boiled in the real Zhongli. He watched as his doppelganger skillfully toyed with Childe's swollen clit between his fingers. "Aahh... mmh y-yes Zhongli..." his pretty mate >>

sang with each tweak and pinch. Zhongli knew he shouldn't invade on such an intimate dream of the man he hadn't even confessed to yet. Yet overwhelming jealousy and lust kept the ex-archon rooted in place. Part of him wished to continue observing. To fully understand what >>

Childe desired of him. To hopefully one day make it happen. Yes, he was simply..... observing. For future reference! Not that it quelled the searing rage he felt as he watched Dream Zhongli slide his dick into Childe's deliciously wet heat. Unfortunately for him, the crack in >>

the door gave him the perfect view of Childe's greedy cunt suck the fake Zhongli's cock inwards, inviting it deeper. The real Zhongli almost failed to bite back a reptilian growl at the sight, his own lengths yearning to tuck themselves into that sweet hole. To have Childe >>

beneath him and moan for HIM, not some convincing fake. "O-ohh!! Zhongli..... aahh... X-xiansheng, not so d-deep~!" The Harbinger's words clearly did not align with the way his cunt needily clung to Dream Zhongli's pulsing cock. "Xiansheng! B-breed me Zhongli! Hhaahh—!" >>

He couldn't bear to watch anymore. He slammed the door shut, cutting off his link to the dream. Zhongli warily blinked as he suddenly felt a wave of dizziness upon returning to his own abode back in the waking realm. A growl of frustration escaped him as he felt his pants >>

strain against his twin lengths. With much frustration, he unbuttoned his slacks and freed his cocks, choking them in his own grasp. With an uneven rhythm, he stroked both lengths simultaneously as images of Childe's trembling form beneath his own raced around in his restless >>

mind. "Ch-Childe...." he growled as his mind played the Eleventh's melodic moans on repeat. Yes.... he would do exactly as the boy had requested. He WILL breed him. Fill the Harbinger with his offspring. Watch as Childe softened with pregnancy. Watch as their kin became >>

strong warriors like the both of them. Childe would make for a wonderful mother.... With a frustrated snarl, he released his load all over his hand in milky white ribbons. He never did stay and watch what heavenly expressions dear Childe would make during his climax. A pity. >>

But he knew that had he stayed a minute longer, he would have lost his sanity. At least he had all the more reason to confess sooner rather than later. He needn't keep his love waiting..... ____ Meanwhile, somewhere in one of Liyue's high-end apartment complexes, the >>

Eleventh Harbinger woke up with a start. Both in a frenzy, and still rather embarrassingly wet, he couldn't help but feel like someone had just saw him naked.... like someone just had their lecherous eyes all over his vulnerable form. He began subconsciously trying to cover >>

himself up, despite being completely alone in his own apartment. He couldn't shake the feeling of being watched..... but that shouldn't be possible, right? He was just dreaming after all!

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