Iryna Voichuk

Iryna Voichuk



Today, on the day of the Ukrainian language, I would like to tell you some of the historical facts about the linguocide that this melodic language has experienced for many years. 1/

1720 — the decree of the Tsar of Muscovy, Peter I, prohibiting the printing of books in the Ukrainian language and the removal of Ukrainian texts from church books. 2/

1729 — the order of Peter II to rewrite all state decrees and orders from the Ukrainian language into the russian language. 3/

1763 — decree of Catherine II prohibiting teaching in Ukrainian at the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy 4/

1775 — the destruction of Zaporizhzhya Sich and the closing of Ukrainian schools at regimental Cossack offices. 5/

1780 — the burning of the book collection of the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, which had been gathering for more than 150 years and was one of the richest libraries. 6/

1863 — Valuev circular on the prohibition of granting censorship permission for the printing of Ukrainian-language spiritual and popular educational literature. 7/

1878 — The Ems Decree of the russian Emperor Alexander II aimed at ousting the Ukrainian language from the cultural sphere. It banned the Ukrainian language in many spheres of life (church, music, theater, book printing). 8/

1888 — decree of Alexander III prohibiting the use of the Ukrainian language in official institutions and christening with Ukrainian names. 9/

1900 — Such words as “Cossack”, “Ukraine”, “Ukrainian”, “Sich”, “Zaporizhzhya” and others were censored. 10/

1918 — after capturing Kyiv, the Moscow-Bolshevik interventionists in a few days shot 5,000 people who spoke the Ukrainian language, wore Ukrainian national clothes or had a portrait of T. Shevchenko in their house. 11/

1920-30 — The Executed Renaissance. The brutal reprisal against the intellectual elite of Ukraine of that time, which forever left its bloody mark on history. 12/

1990 — adoption by the Council of the USSR of the Law on the Languages ​​of the Peoples of the USSR, where the Russian language was given the status of an official. 13/

2020 — Ukrainian language and literature lessons are removed from the program in russian-occupied communities of Donetsk, Luhansk regions and Crimea. 14/

2022 - in the temporarily occupied territories, russia introduces a school curriculum in russian language, persecutes people who speak Ukrainian, and burns Ukrainian books. 15/

This is only part of what Ukrainians went through in order to have the right to speak their native language freely. Ї 16/16

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