#miyacest The twins wearing matching Harley Quinn and Joker costumes to a Halloween party. But it’s actually Osamu in the slutty Harley outfit with the ends of his shaggy hair died pink and blue. And Atsu who was more than happy to wear the Joker one and wrap that pretty

‘Puddinin’ choker around his twin’s throat. Samu’s ass hangs out of the dreadfully small booty shorts and Atsu has to fight the urge to bend the man over and rip through the fishnets squeezing against thick thighs. When they disappear to the bathroom in the middle of the

party, nobody questions the limp in Osamu’s walk or the thick, cherry red lipstick smeared all along Atsu’s lips and neck when they come out.

I meant “Puddin” ima KMS?

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