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Dan DeLaRosa | SpeedRacerFlubber



These stunt people did not carefully coordinate themselves to somersault and/or fling their bodies expressively across the screen in near-perfect sync WITH pyro strapped to their chest, only for their work to be dismissed as "cheap."

What I appreciate about tokusatsu as a live-action medium, is that much like animation and stage theater, what's IMMEDIATELY readable to the audience takes precedence over what's considered "realistic."

Having henchmen flailing in the background is not "bad fight choreography." It's a way to establish background movement to effectively sell the ILLUSION of multiple people fighting at once WITHOUT needlessly cluttering the frame with foreground movement.

If you need to understand how important blocking and shot composition is, early MMPR is the easiest reference. Both productions share the same/similar props and costumes. But the difference between Toei's team lineup shots and Saban's are night and day.

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