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Improve your copywriting with this 5-step formula:

This is my variation of a popular copywriting formula called PAS (problem/agitate/solution). I add 2 steps to make it PAIPS: - Problem - Agitate - Intrigue - Positive Future - Solution I'll break down a piece of my content that had 276k impressions using this format.

Highlight Something Painful: The 1st line highlights a painful problem that people in my audience experience: They feel taken advantage of at work. This line is intended to do 2 things: 1. Elicit a strong emotional response 2. Get the reader to the next line

Agitate The Pain: Next, we're going to turn the knife. Make it hurt a bit. This gets under the reader's skin and makes them...well...agitated. Once someone is agitated, they are much more likely to be open to a solution. Here's how I went from problem to agitation:

Introduce Something Intriguing: Next, I introduce something intriguing. I want the audience to think, "Wait, what's that?" So in this post, I introduce something called the Creator Funnel. My goal is to get them to lean in with interest to carry them through the content.

Paint A Positive Future: Now that we have the audience's attention, I work to paint a picture of what a positive future would look like. A positive future tied to following the intriguing Creator Funnel. Here's how I wrote that out:

Present Your Solution: The last step is to introduce our solution into the equation. In this particular instance, the solution was my newsletter, and my intention was to drive subscribers. You can see that here:

The Results: - 276,798 impressions - 1,646 engagements - 371 comments And 700+ new subscribers to my newsletter (nice).

TL;DR - Pain - Agitate - Intrigue - Positive future - Solution

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