revereri 🫠 suffering

revereri 🫠 suffering



#miyacestober2022 day 30 • awakening + plea , mentioned nsfw // when osamu is fifteen, during his first year at inarizaki high school, he watches his twin brother hit a beautiful floater. it travels gracefully through the air, across the court, past the net. +

the ball moves so softly and gently, like a butterfly fluttering its wings. like the butterflies suddenly present in osamu's stomach. /oh./ he's so captivated by it, so blown away by its elegance, that he forgets to even try and receive it. +

when the ball drops beside him, his teammates clamour about. some chastise him for his lack of focus, while others tease him for it. on the other end of the court, across the net, atsumu wears the brighest and most beautiful expression osamu has ever seen. +

and he knows he is fucked. +

in true teenager fashion, when he is met with such confusing emotions, and a barrage of images he should /not/ be thinking up come to mind, he deals with it by furiously jerking his cock in the middle of the night, frustrated and scared, but needing some sort of release. +

he feels a bit more clearheaded after, realising that maybe he'd just been pent up and he was having a moment because of stupid Hormones, but then something shifts in the bed above his and a voice mumbles, "jeez, samu, you okay down there? that sounded intense, +

i thought i might get hard just /listenin'/ to it." osamu's face burns, and his heart beats loudly in his ears. he is still catching his breath from the intensity of the orgasm, and it does nothing to help his efforts to pretend atsumu did not just say that. +

because his own cock stirs at the thought of /atsumu's/ cock getting hard from hearing osamu touch it, and suddenly the confusing feelings are back again, and osamu doesn't know if he wants to scream or cry. +

when osamu is twenty-three, eight years after his initial revelation, he has another awakening. this one is less sudden than the last, but intense nonetheless. because his... attraction for his twin had waned the past few years, much to his relief. +

once they both became adults and started walking their separate paths, it became clearer to osamu that his crush on atsumu, thankfully, was just a passing thing. something driven by puberty and those pesky hormones, something made more difficult by their proximity. +

now, osamu was /normal/, he didn't think about what it would be like to kiss his brother, sometimes. occasionally he will still touch himself to the thought, but hey, he doubts he's the only one in the world with the bit of an incest kink. it's just hot, okay? +

but then.. but then atsumu comes to his apartment one day. tells him about the match he has in a month, against the adlers, /hinata shouyou's/ first game back. "okay then, i wanna go," osamu says. "can ya get me tickets, or should i buy 'em?" +

atsumu shakes his head. "i want ya there, but..." he hesitates. "but?" does atsumu think osamu's presence will throw him off his game? it'll suck not to be able to watch in person, but atsumu's performance is more important. +

"i kind of bought ya a stand at the match because i thought maybe you could sell yer onigiri there because it's good exposure right and there'll be so many customers because it's gonna be such a big match i tell ya but anyway sorry i did this without telling ya +

but i didn't wanna get yer hopes up in case i couldn't but i did so. yeah. surprise?" osamu is stunned. one, because he can't believe atsumu just said all of that in one breath, and two, because he can't believe his brother got him a /stand/ at a highly anticipated +

volleyball match to promote his restaurant. "fuck, i love ya," osamu blurts without meaning to. /fuck/, he thinks to himself, because the butterflies, they're back. maybe not the same ones, but he can feel it. perhaps they'd been in their cocoons waiting to burst, +

but they're here now, stronger than ever, and osamu doesn't know— doesn't know if he can make them go away this time. doesn't know if he wants to try. atsumu tears up, and pulls osamu into a hug. "i love ya too, samu. we've both come so far, haven't we?" +

even though atsumu doesn't mean it the same way osamu does, hearing him say those words fills osamu with a warmth he's never felt before, and he melts into his embrace. +

a decade or so after /that/, when onigiri miya has become a successful business with multiple branches across the country, and atsumu is now considered /old/ in his profession, osamu asks him a question. "will ya marry me?" +

because he doesn't know how they've done it, how they've maintained this illicit relationship of theirs but they have and these have been some of the happiest years of his life. and he knows they can't /actually/ get married, not like so many of their friends have, +

but it's enough if it's just something for him and atsumu to celebrate, to vow. "say it again," atsumu whispers through tears. "tsumu, i love ya. will ya marry me, please?" atsumu just bursts into a fresh wave of tears, dropping onto the floor +

beside where osamu is kneeling and pulling him into a tight hug. he continues crying, but he hasn't actually /said/ anything yet, so osamu jokes, "i'm still waitin' for an answer, ya know? hurts a bit on my knee like this, show this old man some mercy, please?" +

atsumu pulls back and kisses him stupid. "yes, ya idiot, of /course/ it's a yes." and then, after osamu kisses him back, a playful swat on the shoulder and a rebuke. "and don't call yerself old! we're the same age! and /i'm/ not old!" +

"yes, dear," osamu laughs. he peppers kisses all over atsumu's face and neck and says, "we've got years and years and years ahead of us." "damn right," atsumu huffs, before capturing his lips once more.

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