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Be private. Vibe alone. Grow in silence. Here are 15 signs you're mentally strong...

1. You understand no one owes you anything. You fight and win your own battles.

2. You take nothing personally. You understand your mental health is way more important than their opinion

3. You've set boundaries with people. You already understand you'll get misused for being too nice.

4. You don't allow pain to destroy you. Instead you build strength out of pain.

5. You take 100% responsibility of your own life and never complain or blame anyone nor situations.

6. You take criticism and never get offended. So, you're never easy to control.

7. You never force anyone to choose you. Instead, you let people do whatever pleases them.

8. You never take advice from people who aren't where you want to be in life.

9. You understand life is cool when nobody knows anything about you, not even close friends and family.

10. You never use your weekend to "escape" the life you already have. Instead, you use it to build yourself the life you want.

11. You've forgiven your parents the day you realized they had messed up childhood as well.

12. You've realized your mental health is way much important than your career.

13. You've embraced consistency and discipline over motivation and self-help books.

14. You've realized that you are not responsible for anyone's happiness but yourself.

15. You don't force your beliefs on people. You understand not everyone needs to think the same way you do.

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