Alright, so I've had a few people approach me over the last little while and ask my opinion on a topic that's gettin more popular in the furry fandom, so I'mma lay it down Are Busty Boys okay? Yes ?

There's been a fair number of bustyboy characters popping up, and honestly, I take that as a GOOD THING. I take it as a sign that people are learning the difference between Gender Identity and Gender Expression. Bustyboys are male identity, femme expression

Like, there's a difference between someone saying "I wanna have hella tiddy and thicc thighs" and "I wish I was a woman". Former is expression, Latter is identity (and usually a sign that one is, in fact, already a woman, but that's not the topic here)

Like, when I ping my soul about it, it comes back female. But that ping might come back male in someone else, but they want bigass tiddies. And that's 100% valid as far as I'm concerned. Who are we to say what's at the core of someone else?

Like, I know trans women who want to be buff and keep their dicks. Still ping female at heart, still valid as hell. Bustyboys are often the inverse. And all the more power to them! You do you, dudes!

In recent years we're all learning that "traditional" gender roles and expression aren't as concrete as once thought. We're learning that identity and expression are mindbogglingly diverse and complex. Gender is a human construct

So if we look at bustyboys and go "no, not like that!" how are we any better than the bigots that try to enforce heteronormativity on everyone? Nah, Bustyboys are valid AF and should be welcomed. End of Rant

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