If you are in your 20s, stop screwing around. Change your life with these 7 decisions:

Choose Nutritious Food Over Processed Garbage Cutting out processed foods has improved my: • Sleep • Energy • Gut Health • And Productivity A quick, simple guide: • Swap refined grains for whole grains • Meal prep using organic ingredients Key: Integrate changes slowly

Choose Reading Over Scrolling For your information diet: Quality > Quantity Find 1 topic (ie. Breathwork, TikTok Ads) and research it deeply. Don't allow your attention span and focus to be crushed by the algorithm. Hunt down information rather than let it hunt you.

Choose Writing Over Complaining Writing is my best form of therapy. It allows me to: • Be honest/truthful to myself • Dig deep into the problems I'm facing • Voice my frustrations unapologetically Complaining: • Builds a negative mindset • Repels ambitious people

Choose to Build I learned more in my first month as a founder than in 4 years at college. 10 years later: • Built and sold a company to GA (with 0 experience) • Scaled a community to 14M (with 0 knowledge) • Grew newsletters to 1M+ (with no playbook) Just start.

Choose Curiosity over Anxiety I struggled with depression and anxiety when I was 21. I learned confusion breeds anxiety. By finding what I was curious about, it let me: • Build routines/habits • Rediscover my joy/drive • Retake control of my life

Choose to Learn over Yearn Learning breeds endless opportunities. The more equipped your skillset, the more talent you attract. By focusing solely on fulfilling desires, your happiness becomes tied to material success.

Choose Rest over Excessive Stress Sleep is the fuel for you to attack the next day. My simple playbook: • 8 hours per night • Magnesium before bed • 30 minutes of morning and evening sunlight Locks me into deep work immediately.

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