revereri 🫠 suffering

revereri 🫠 suffering



#miyacestober2022 day 31 • dress-up , implied osaatsu // "oi tsumu, are ya ready to gooooh my god—" osamu cannot /breathe/. there is no way, is this a dream come true? "samu!" atsumu jerks up, turning around. he's got bobby pins between his teeth, +

trying to pin down a piece of black lace into his hair. he looks fucking /gorgeous/. when atsumu told osamu he was dressing up as a maid this year, osamu had scoffed at him. yeah, he'd seen those 'maid' outfits before, short tops and even shorter skirts. +

but /this/. this was /proper/, this was /luxurious/. atsumu's skirt was full and reached past his knees. his arms were covered in long sleeves—osamu knows why he asked to borrow his compression sleeves now. he wore a proper corset, +

and there was an opening in the bodice. a /boob window/. osamu, who had simply covered himself in a white sheet because he was too busy to think up a proper costume, feels severely underdressed, and also incredibly overwhelmed. +

"do ya like it?" atsumu asks with a smirk, when he sees the look in osamu's eyes. osamu doesn't even know how he can be teasing right now, when he's literally just walked out of osamu's dreams. +

wordlessly, he approaches atsumu and grabs his ass through the fabric. it feels as good as osamu imagined, if not better. atsumu laughs, trying to push away, "come on, samu! we gotta go!" but osamu doesn't hear it. he's looking at his brother's tits in the bodice, +

and the window of skin he's showing. he presses his mouth there, intending to leave a couple of marks. just so people know atsumu is taken. and then he can't stop. he kisses atsumu's neck too, which makes him ticklish, giggling and still trying to get osamu to stop. +

"we're not—ah—gonna make it on time at this rate," he points out, but there's something else on osamu's mind right now. despite his words, atsumu is reciprocating. he's hiked a leg up to wrap around osamu's waist, only— +

only it reveals /stockings and garters/, and that's really only as much as osamu can handle, really. he's just a man, and the sight of his lover dressed up like this, hiding /treats/ underneath... +

he runs a finger underneath the garter but is a bit too excited and doesn't control his strength, accidentally snapping it off. he looks at it, before flinging it to the side. whatever, it's not needed anymore. he then hoists atsumu up and begins to carry him away, +

towards the bedroom. "samu!" atsumu gasps. "my outfit! my— where are ya takin' me!" "we're going to the bedroom," osamu grits out, his restraint slipping by the second. "and then i'm gonna fuck ya in this. again and again. all night long." +

atsumu is silent. a moment later, he says, "okay. it's not like i wasn't expecting this, but i wasn't expecting it so soon. i, uh, may have had some other surprises planned. there's—" +

"don't tell me," osamu cuts in, throwing atsumu onto the bed. he climbs onto it after him, hovering above him like a predator about to strike. "i'm gonna find out myself."

// atsumu: so, uh, does the sheet stay on during sex? FDSFDHKFKSJDFKJDSK anyway. i'm unfortunately too busy to give this the time and attention it deserves, but i hope it encapsulated the mood nonetheless. atsumu knew exactly what he was doing when he got that outfit lol. +

and with that, my miyacestober has come to an end!! thank you for enjoying this month with me, i had a blast writing something for each day and i hope you liked reading them just as much ??

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