10 Signs You Will Always Be Broke How many of these do you see in yourself? /THREAD/

1. No budget You have no idea where your money is going every month You always wonder where it went instead of telling it where to go You work for money instead of having your money work you

2. No emergency fund You do not have any savings in case you • Lose your job • Have a medical emergency • Need to repair your car or house • Need to move to another city or country When shit hits the fan who is going to take care of you?

3. Paying yourself last You are your last and least important expense You spend left and right and only save whatever is left at the end of the month If there is anything left at all

4. No investments You have no investments in stocks or real estate Your net worth is equal to whatever is left in your checking account You only buy liabilities, like cars and gadgets, instead of assets

5. Only one income source You have all your eggs in one basket You rely on your 9-5 to take care of you and retire when you are 65 The words "passive income" and "income-producing assets" are not in your vocabulary

6. No marketable skills You have no skills that are high-paying and in high demand in the job market Everything around you evolves and you remain stagnant You paid $100,000s for a degree that didn't offer anything of real value

7. Keeping up with the Joneses You always try to keep up with the latest trends and compare yourself to others You try to impress your friends and social circle You buy things you don't need with money you don't have

8. Trying to get rich quick You don't have patience and do not know how compounding works You always try to find the next scheme that will make you rich quick In the end, you get poor really fast

9. Loser friends You hang out with people that are dead weight They offer nothing of value and don't challenge you to grow They say your network is your net worth That's why your net worth is zero

10. Comfort zone You love your comfort zone so much you never get out of it You always play it safe and never take any risks on yourself You miss on all the success that awaits outside your comfort zone Simply because you are afraid to take the first step

To summarize: 1. No budget 2. No emergency fund 3. Paying yourself last 4. No investments 5. Only one income source 6. No marketable skills 7. Keeping up with the Joneses 8. Trying to get rich quick 9. Loser friends 10. Comfort zone

If you have many of these traits, you need to reconsider your life choices Unless you want to remain broke and a loser the rest of your life /END/

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