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The most powerful skill you were never taught in school: Copywriting. Here are 9 simple formulas to help you write like a world-class copywriter:

1. B-A-B It stands for: β€’ Before: Life before transformation β€’ After: Life after transformation β€’ Bridge: How to get there

2. The 4P's It stands for: β€’ Picture: describe the situation β€’ Promise: what you'll deliver β€’ Proof: Testimonials, etc. β€’ Push: Call-to-action

3. F-A-B It stands for: β€’ Feature: What it is β€’ Advantage: What it does β€’ Benefit: Why that's important

4. A-I-U It stands for: β€’ Attention: Capture attention β€’ Interest: Provide further context β€’ Urgency: Create urgency for action

5. The 3S's It stands for: β€’ Star: Person in question β€’ Story: What happened to them β€’ Solution: Action you want them to take

6. V-A-D It stands for: Verb: Action accomplished Application: The applied benefit Differentiator: "Without needing..."

7. A-I-D-A It stands for: β€’ Attention: Headline β€’ Interest: Add more context β€’ Desire: What they want to achieve β€’ Action: Action required for the outcome

8. P-A-S It stands for: β€’ Problem: Issue plaguing the reader β€’ Agitate: Amplify the problem β€’ Solution: How to solve it

9. Q.U.E.S.T It stands for: β€’ Qualify: A question β€’ Understand: Empathize β€’ Educate: Share some benefits β€’ Stimulate: Preview what's possible β€’ Transition: Talk about what comes next

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TL;DR 9 formulas to help you write world-class copy: β€’ A-I-U β€’ F-A-B β€’ P-A-S β€’ B-A-B β€’ V-A-D β€’ A-I-D-A β€’ The 3S's β€’ The 4P's β€’ Q.U.E.S.T

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