These keywords will fetch you extra marks in GS2 - Diplomacy? - Civilizational diplomacy - Energy diplomacy - Infrastructure diplomacy - Wildlife diplomacy - Sports diplomacy What do these mean? How to use them? Take a look??

1. Civilizational Diplomacy?? With decline of west, Civilization states will see a fresh leadership role in the world. "An upgrade of the Civilizational past and links will help aid the diplomatic battled" eg: Think of Kushinagar airport and its impact in Buddhist countries.

2. Energy Diplomacy?️⛽ Our energy dependency is widely known. Despite new investments in renewables & blending, we are still years away from atmanirbharta. "Indian diplomacy shall add arrows of energy diplomacy in our quiver" eg Oil deals with Russia despite the USA sanctions

3. Infrastructure Diplomacy?️? China's global rise is riding on back of Infra diplomacy. As India awakes to the threat, the investments by state and private partnerships reflect a head start in Infra Diplomacy. eg: Adani's rising global infra footprint

4. Wildlife Diplomacy?? One area of cooperation builds goodwill to have two partners explore other dimensions. Wildlife, for India, is that first step. Cheetah's from Namibia, Gaurs to Sri Lanka, Tigers to Cambodia are such initiatives.

5. Sports diplomacy??‍♂️???? Recurring international medals attract the global interest. Stories of sportspersons are undeclared Indian ambassadors abroad eg Chinese domination allows them to offer athlete training as unique proposition on diplomatic tables (among other benefits)

These are few keywords I picked from the current affairs. There can be more!? To make your answers stand out, you'll have to do a few outstanding things. Simple! ? Wonder how to stay a step ahead with such keywords? ?

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