aurora 🤍 | in my flop era

aurora 🤍 | in my flop era



cw// incest, miyacest, ??? ???, ??? ?????? atsumu (23) got a small apartment that he would share with his little brother sometimes , osamu (14). osamu would come over on weekends and stay with him since they don't see each other often. so the weekends work out

perfectly. once Friday came around, osamu packed a small bag and went straight to the train station to go see his brother. atsumu gave him a key so he can let himself in. "oi tsumu-nii! ya here?" there was no answer. atsumu wasn't home yet, so osamu decided to take a shower

atsumu had just walked in the door when he heard the shower running, he knew exactly who it was and he knew exactly what to do. taking off his clothes and quietly as possible, he opened the shower curtain to see his little brother under the water rinsing off his hair.

he jumps in and puts his hands on osamu's waist. "ah!" osamu squeeled "shh its just me" osamu turned around and smacked atsumu lightly "ya scared me!" atsumu smirked "haha sorry" osamu blushed because he realized that they were both completely naked in the shower, and he was

trying so hard not to look down. "ya can look if ya want, it's gonna be inside ya anyway" osamu didn't have the courage to look down instead he got down on his knees and said "can i have it?" atsumu had a sinister smile and said "yeah ya can have it, get all wet for me" osamu did

exactly that, and kissed the tip before putting it in his mouth. atsumu put his right hand on the back of osamu's head and pushed it down just a little. "haa~" atsumu moaned out. after a few minutes of osamu sucking atsumu off, atsumu pulled out of his mouth and picked osamu up

off the bathtub floor and had him wrap his legs around his waist. osamu putting his arms around atsumu's shoulders he said "are ya sure ya wanna do this position?" atsumu looked at him then kissed him "yeah 'm sure" atsumu then put his dripping cock into osamu's hole then put

his hands on his waist so he can adjust himself. "ahh~ tsumu-nii it h-hurts" atsumu pushed it in an inch at a time "shh i know, it will feel better soon" once atsumu was fully in, he started pounding osamu's hole under the warm water that was being splashed onto the both of

them. osamu couldn't help but leave scratch marks on his brother back from the sensation he was feeling, and the warm shower water made it better. "ah! hah~" osamu covered his mouth, afraid the people next door would hear him "uncover your mouth baby, no one's gonna hear ya"

atsumu took osamu's hand and put it behind his back. arching his back, osamu screamed atsumu name then released all over his stomach after atsumu came inside of him. atsumu kept osamu propped up on his body and walked out of the shower going into his bedroom and put osamu down

osamu soon fell asleep naked while atsumu cleaned himself up then went to bed cuddling his brother.

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