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Researchers studied the effects of a 20-minute walk on the cognitive performance of a group of children. This is fascinating…

Reading comprehension performance was significantly better after exercise. Spelling and arithmetic performance were better, though the results were not statistically significant.

Researchers concluded: “Single, acute bouts of moderately-intense aerobic exercise (i.e., walking) may improve the cognitive control of attention…and further supports the use of moderate acute exercise as a contributing factor for increasing attention and academic performance.”

One other conclusion from the paper: "These data suggest that single bouts of exercise affect specific underlying processes that support cognitive health and may be necessary for effective functioning across the lifespan.”

Full piece here.

My conclusion: Go for more walks. You’ll improve your: • Physical health • Cognitive performance • Mental health • Creativity It’s a simple, free unlock for life. More to come in an upcoming newsletter.

I started walking 10x more in 2022 after the birth of our son. Averaged about ~2-3k steps per day in 2021—averaging about ~20k steps per day in 2022 since May. Having a kid —> walking more —> living longer and better (or something like that!)

I have two types of walks: Active Walks: • Listening to something or thinking about something • 30-60 minutes • Brisk pace Passive Walks: • No technology • Mind free to wander • 60+ minutes • Slow, leisurely pace I find that both have a clear, necessary role in my life.

The Active Walks are typically done at Zone 2 HR level (often wear a weight vest during these to get to that level if flat terrain). This allows me to easily hit the 180+ minutes per week that @hubermanlab recommends we all get.

I also used to get a TERRIBLE bout of drowsiness after lunch. I started taking a 10-minute walk immediately after eating and it has worked wonders for keeping my energy steady into the afternoon. More effective than the large black cold brew I used to rely on for that purpose.

"Every day I walk myself into a state of well-being and walk away from every illness. I have walked myself into my best thoughts, and I know of no thought so burdensome that one cannot walk away from it." - Søren Kierkegaard Follow me @SahilBloom for more content like this!

This research also points to the lunacy of punishing children with “no recess” for bad behavior or not paying attention. The punishment actually makes it more likely for attention and performance to continue to suffer. Recess is sacred (for children and adults alike).

A simple challenge for all of you: This weekend, go for a 30-minute tech-free walk. • No phone • No music • No podcasts • No articles • No audiobooks Just you, your thoughts, your gratitude, and the fresh air. A simple reset that will change your life. I guarantee it.

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